Hello everyone, our article today will be discussing how you can go about getting yourself an Events & Tickets booking website in Nigeria.

First, how does an Events & Ticket booking website work? It revolves around having a Website where Event organizers and show promoters can come to advertise their Events with the aim of also selling their tickets on your platform. They will have the ability to segment the different categories of tickets up for sale.

Meanwhile, whenever any of those tickets are sold, you as the owner of the platform will get a commission from every ticket sales made on the platform. These commissions could range from 5-10% or sometimes more, depending on the agreement struck with the Event organizer.

The percentage gotten on each ticket sold might appear small but when you multiple by the thousands you can potentially sell per event, then you’ll agree with me that it is a lucrative business.


Below are some Features an Events & Ticket Booking Website should have


Tickets Categories

This feature allows an Event organizer to list the different categories of tickets available for sale, I.e Regular, VIP, VVIP and Tables etc. The event organizer can also insert the prices for the various categories of tickets, thus also allowing for interested Event goers to select the categories of tickets they intend to buy, insert the number of tickets they’re buying and then proceed to pay.


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Payment API Integration

This is the process of integrating a reliable Api that allows people to easily pay for tickets with their Debit cards (ATM Cards). It has to be a very secure channel that allows for seamless payment from Event goers. It should also able to accept payments from Verve, Master Cards and VISA Cards etc.


Email Delivery System

An Email Delivery System will allow you to constantly send Emails to people who have booked tickets through your platform in the past. The idea is to help inform them of New Events and Shows that they may be interested in. You can also use it to send out Emails that will help inform people of new services that you now offer as a brand. It is important that the system is one that is very robust enough to handle a high amount of Email Delivery request.


There are many other important features that can be integrated into an Events & Tickets Booking website. Features which we at NEW CONNECT are very experienced with, being that we’re a Web Design/Development company with expertise also in Mobile Apps Development. We understand the peculiar nature of Events and Tickets Booking Websites and also have the technical competence to build yours from the scratch. We also deliver on schedule and with an uncompromised quality of programming.

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