E-Commerce today is one of the fastest growing segments in the online space both in Nigeria and other parts of the world. It has become the preferred option for many shoppers who now prefer the idea of surfing the internet in search of an item they intend to buy, make payments and have it delivered to their doorsteps.

And the good news for E Commerce owners is also that, gone are the days when you need to worry about having your own delivery/logistics department, as there’re competent Logistics businesses that will help you deliver your goods to your customers anywhere in Nigeria at a very affordable rate and on time.

The internet gives every business an opportunity to grow rapidly, thus making it very important that every wholesaler or retailer should have his/her own E-commerce website today.

Before we discuss how you can easily get one for your business, it is important to understand some of the benefits.


Reach a larger Pool of Audience

With your physical office address, you will only be able to serve people who can come there physically to purchase the items. While with an E-commerce Website, you’ll be able to serve people who are in faraway places. Do you know that right now, someone just typed in their Google search bar “Black Italian shoe” or “Generator set for sale in Lagos”?, in a bid to purchase the item as quickly as possible, therefore meaning that anyone who has an E-commerce Website will be more likely to make a quick sale to someone who they have never met physically.


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Online Payment 24/7

This is one of the biggest benefits of having your own E-commerce store, the fact that you’ll be able to receive payments online and at anytime of the day even when you’re asleep. All you need to do is have a payment gateway integrated into your site and there you go. Your customers will be able to pay you using their ATM VISA, VERVE OR MASTERCARDS. People can pay you even on days when your physical store or office is not opened. All you need do is to confirm the payment which must have moved via your site to your account number, and then proceed to ship it to them.


Brand Perception

Having a professionally built E-commerce website will help to improve your brand perception, as many online customers have this belief that, for your company to own a neatly and creatively built E-commerce website of its own, then it must be a reputable brand. Things like this help you to grow your sales overtime making you a bigger brand in your industry. It will also help you become more known as people from across the country will at one point in time come across your brand online.


Finally, now that you know the benefits, I’m sure you’ll like to get one for your business. We at NEW CONNECT are a very reputable Website and Mobile Apps Development company based in Lagos Nigeria. We have the experience required to build E-commerce stores for different types of businesses. Whether it is for Phones and gadgets, Fashion wears & Accessories, Agricultural produce, Pharmaceuticals and Heavy Machinery etc. We will build it in a very professional way for you. Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 to get started