Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing on how to get your Radio Station a Mobile App in Nigeria. Many Radio stations in Nigeria are building their own mobile apps which can be downloaded from various app stores. And this is because it is one of the modern ways of expanding your reach and potential audience. Before we delve into how to go about getting one,  it is important that we start by explaining the importance of having it in the first place.


Below are some of the benefits of having a Radio App in Nigeria


Reach a Wider Audience

Radio stations require licenses to operate, and usually their transmission equipments can only send signals that cover a particular distance, beyond which you can no longer get signals anymore, which means that the coverage will limit the size of their audience. But having a Radio App means that you are now transmitting over the internet, which also means that you can actually have people tuning in to your programs from any part of the country and literally any part of the world where your App has been downloaded.

Radio Apps have enabled many Radio stations to grow their audience beyond the level of what their traditional transmission equipments would have been able to achieve.


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More Loyal Listeners

This is key for Radio stations, as it is important to retain their audience, if they hope to grow their revenue from advertising. Radio Apps helps some of your loyal listeners who are leaving town to be able to tune in from other parts of the country. It has also helped many listeners to tune in from other parts of the world where they travelled to for business or leisure. A Radio app, if properly deployed can be a massive driver of growth of your platform.


Social Media Engagement

We recommend that your social media feed (SMF) is integrated into the App, to give your listeners the ability to comment and share their views on your social media platforms in real time. This makes it easier for them to react to topics being discussed on the platform without having to leave the App or go from one App to the other.

This is a major driver of growth of your social media followers and the much needed engagement that many brands are craving for.


Now that you know the benefits of having an App for your Radio Station in Nigeria, your question will most likely be; how can I get one?

We at New Connect are experienced in the design and development of all kinds of Web & Mobile Apps. We understand the unique features that should come with a Radio App and have the much needed skills and technical competence to help you build yours. We are ready to get your project started; all you need do is Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 today.