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How To Get a Professional Website in Lagos, Nigeria

Hi dear reader,  I’m sure you must have come across the phrase “Get a Professional Website” more than a thousand times. But what really is a professional Website? And what should something described as “Professional” look like?

First to know why the term professional is often used, you need to first understand what a Website is and how it can help your business/organization.

A website is simply an online digital tool that helps your business to be visible online. It helps you reach people from all over the world. It can also serve as a channel through wish you can sell your goods/service, thereby growing your revenue and profits.

Now what does it then mean when we say “Get a Professional Website”? It simply means that there’re certain things that must be taking into consideration when building a website for any serious business/organization

Below are key things that a professional Website must have


  1. Brand Colors

This is one of those things that some web designers often overlook, as they might not be aware of the importance of ensuring that the Brand colors of a business is properly incorporated into the design of the website. For Example; you don’t build a website for a Telecoms company like “MTN” and not ensure that their shade of Yellow is well represented into the design of the Website, as failure to do so, will mean that you have committed a design blunder.


The website of every business is a part of that business and as such, it must look and feel like the business it is meant to represent. When we build a website for any client, one of the first questions we ask the client as soon as they agree to work with us is, “What are your brand Colors?”

This is very vital for any web design project and must never be overlooked.


  1. Layout & Page Structure

A professional website must be designed in a way and manner that ensures that the site visitors are able to easily navigate and find things they’re interested in on the site. The design must not be distracting or have too many things flying about in a way that makes it look childish. There must be a fine balance between design and functionality of the website. Some developers are usually tempted to add too many animations and bouncy effects such that the website visitors will begin to struggle with navigation on the site.


There are a number of other key factors that determines if a website is professional or not, but in other to keep this article short we’ll just share with you some of our website design packages.




Domain Name



7 pages

Blog page integration

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Price: N100K





Domain Name



10 pages

Blog page integration

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Email subscription Popup

Advanced Email delivery system

Price: N120K





Domain Name



14 pages

Blog page integration

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Email subscription Popup

Advanced Email delivery system

Payment Gateway integration

Chat Application Integration (To chat with clients in Real-time)

Price: N150K


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How To get a Professional Website designer in Lagos, Nigeria


Are You a Company or an Entrepreneur looking to improve your sales and grow your customer base? Have you been making efforts to grow your business with no tangible result? If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, then what you need is a Website from experienced professionals  and we @ New Connect are a reputable web design company in Lagos, Nigeria.

A website as you might already know, gives your company the much needed online visibility which is key for any Business/organization to thrive. We live in an era where everything and everyone is going digital. And this is because the internet gives you a limitless pool of opportunities


Below are some benefits of Owning a Website


Limitless Reach

Owning a Website means that, you can be in Lagos and service clients in Kogi, Zamfara or Abuja. You’re not limited by location or time zone. As long as you setup a professional looking website, through which people can see what you offer, you can have clients from literally anywhere in the world


Boost Sales

A website makes it possible for people to buy items from you without having to physically come down to your office location. You can even have people purchase stuff from you even while you sleep, as all you need do is ensure that your website has a payment gateway integrated into it along with other features that will make it easier for people to shop on your site. That is to say, that you can have your sales sky rocketing based on sales made by customers who bought items from you from the comfort of their homes or offices.


Trust & Credibility

A website can also boost your credibility as a business, as it helps potential clients/customers to take you more seriously as a brand.


Now you have seen the benefits of Owning a Website, check out some of our Website design packages



Domain Name



7 pages

Blog page integration

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Price: N100K






Domain Name



10 pages

Blog page integration

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Email subscription Popup

Advanced Email delivery system


Price: N120K




Domain Name



14 pages

Blog page integration

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Email subscription Popup

Advanced Email delivery system

Payment Gateway integration

Chat Application Integration (To chat with clients in Real-time)

Price: N150K


To get started Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958

How To Get Your Crowd Funding Website in Nigeria

Crowd funding as a form of capital/finance generation has been around for centuries. It has existed in different forms across generations. As the first known forms of this business model where typically ones that involved raising money through friends and family, which still exists today.

Crowd funding, just as the name depicts, is a system of raising money from a large number of people for an investment opportunity, project or charitable cause.

This typically happens on the internet nowadays and has experienced a rapid growth in Nigeria in recent years, as more people seek to invest in promising business opportunities that promises a healthy ROI (Returns on investment).


There are currently many forms and types of crowd funding platforms across Nigeria, with many of them operating in the Agric, Real Estate or charity. Their growing popularity is a sign that the business model is heading in the right direction.


Features a Crowd Funding Platform should have


USER DASHBOARD: A platform like this should have a User Dashboard through which your investors/partners can be able to see the progress their investment has made. They should be able to also get feedbacks from your company whenever there’s an important update. The User Dashboard should also be intuitive, in other words, it has to very easy to navigate for even a none techy person.


SECURITY: This is a key component that must never be overlooked or handled with kids gloves. A platform like this should have multiple layers of security to prevent any hack of the platform. The sensitive data of your platform and its USERS must be protected at all times, as failure to do so could completely destroy the reputation of the platform.


ADVANCED EMAIL DELIVERY SYSTEM: This is vital for the prompt dispersal of information to your Partners/Investors. This will be key to ensuring that whenever you have any new investment opportunity or project you’ll like your USERS to be aware of, they can easily be notified via a secure email delivery system.

The list of features that could be implemented for a Crowd Funding website or Mobile App to be successful in Nigeria is quite much more than we can cover in this short article. But we’re always ready to discuss them with you whenever you’re ready to build your own platform.

We @ NEW CONNECT have many years of experience in the design and development of different Web and Mobile Applications. Whether for Crowd Funding, E-commerce, Logistics & Haulage or Online Tv projects etc, be rest assured that we have a dedicated team of innovative developers who can build it and deliver on schedule.

So why not Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 to get started today

How To Get Your own Gift Card Trading Website In Nigeria

Gift card Trading has been around for a long time, as the business is believed to be as old as the existence of Gift Cards itself. Before we delve into the main discussions, what are Gift Cards?

A Gift Card is a custom card designed by companies such as Ebay, Apple & Amazon etc which allows their customers to purchase some of their services on their respective stores or website. These cards are primarily used for the online purchase or subscription of their services as they have monetary values, ranging from $50 to $100, $200 and $500 etc (Pls Note: It could also come in other currencies).  This also informs the reason why many people in many parts of the world give these Gift Cards to their friends and loved ones rather than give them cash. So you can simply see it like the way we see recharge cards for our phones lines in Nigeria. Where you’re sometimes tempted to sell a recharge card someone gave to you as a gift in exchange for cash.


Now you understand what Gift Cards are, let’s delve deeper; since not everyone is interested in buying something on Amazon or Ebay at every point in time. Many might seek to sell the Gift Cards they got as a gift from a friend in exchange for cash. As these gift Cards sometimes lay unused for many weeks sometimes months which adds no value to anyone, some will rather just sell it for slightly below the market value in other to get quick cash which could be used to buy any other thing that they might prefer.

The willingness to sell Gift Cards by this group of people is what created a new money making opportunity for other online entrepreneurs, who now buy these gift cards at a discounted rate and then sell it to someone else who might really need them and want it for slightly less of its original price.


For example; how it works is simply, buy a Gift Card worth $100 from someone who is willing to sell for $70 cash.  And then proceed to sell it to another person who really needs a Gift Card worth $100 but wants it slightly cheaper. So you could sell it to them at the rate of $80 and make a cool profit of $10. If you repeat this many times a day, you’ll realize that you have made a sizeable chunk of money.


How To Get Your Own Gift Card Trading Website

There’re different types of Gift Card exchange sites out there, some are basic profile sites while others can be in form of a portal and have loads of automated designs that gives a better users experience. Some others also come with other services like Bitcoin and other crypto currency exchange capabilities.

It all depends on the plans and more importantly, the budget of the individual who wants to establish it.

Building one requires many key considerations from the security features that must be integrated into the architecture of the project to the payout feature that will allow users to easily withdraw their funds etc. The more features it has, the better it is

There’re other ideas we can discuss when you contact our team at New Connect, for the design and development of your own Gift card trading Website & Mobile Apps.


We @ New Connect are an experienced Web & Mobile Application development firm with many years of designing and developing tailor made solutions cutting across many sectors, from E-commerce to Classified Ads, Crypto Currency and  Real Estate etc.

We are always excited about building new Tech Solutions,  Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 to get started today.

How To Get A Website For Your Forex Trading Business in Nigeria

Forex, an acronym used to refer to foreign exchange has been around for decades. And over the years it has taken different forms with some level of innovation going into it every day.

There are now many more brokers compared to some 10 years ago and also many more traders in the system.  Forex trading is also one of the most misunderstood businesses around as truly it has made many people rich; it is also believed to have impoverished many others.

That been said, it is key to also state clearly that although Forex Trading can be very lucrative; it also requires proper training in order to improve your overall knowledge of how it works and an extended period of mentorship.

This is where a Forex Trading Expert comes in. There’re people out there who are steadily cashing out from Forex trading. They have spent many years in the game so much that they have also developed their own trading strategies. They know when to enter a trade and when not to. They have also developed their own money management strategy which has helped them stay in the game for a very long.


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These group of people are sometimes willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with other traders who might happen to be beginners in Forex Trading.

A forex trading tutor will traditionally charge a fee for training and if necessary another fee for becoming part of a group that gets trading signals from him/her.

This is a business of its own and can be very lucrative if properly structured and managed. But you must first build a Website that helps people to understand that you’re not just some road side hungry Forex Guy, but a seasoned professional who can help others achieve success too.

Your website needs to be professionally built and configured in a manner that allows people to Register for Online training or One on one training depending on how you operate.

Your potential students or clients needs to see that they too can make money from trading just like you and this feeling of confidence in whatever you intend to teach, needs to start from the moment they logon to your Website.

You can also integrate a Payment Gateway that helps to accept payments on your website, such that people can pay you online using their ATM (Credit or Debit cards).

The entire interface needs to be simple but yet classy, as this is the smartest way to maximize the use of your Forex Trading knowledge to create more wealth for yourself.

To get a Website today for your Forex Trading business, all you need to do is reach out to us at NEW CONNECT.

We have many years of Web and Mobile Apps development under our belt, and understand the peculiarities of the Forex trading Business, which puts us in a very good position to design something that will help you connect with potential clients/students.

Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 today to get started

How to get a Bitcoin Trading Website for your Business in Nigeria

Bitcoin is a name I’m sure that almost everyone must have come across. And even if you don’t know what it is all about, you must have heard of it at least.

Bitcoin has experienced a meteoric rise in recent time, as it has smashed new trading records after records, although there is no single factor that has influenced this sharp rise but a number of factors have cumulated in its growing acceptance by the day.


Below are 2 factors we believe has influenced the Bitcoin Rise

a. Big companies like Microsoft, AT&T and Twitch (Amazon’s game streaming platform) are now accepting Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for one or more of their services. This has also fueled the growing confidence that people have in the viability of crypto currencies.


b. The covid 19 pandemic has in no small measure led to the drive of people increasingly wanting to do cashless transactions. As health experts have long confirmed that the virus can be transferred through cash, people now seek to turn towards other digital ways of payments of which Bitcoin is one of the most popular in this case.


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There’re many other factors like the influx of Institutional Investors around the world into the Bitcoin space amongst other reasons, which has now made Bitcoin a more serious topic for investment discussions.


This new level of mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin has also made Bitcoin Trading Websites a huge money making opportunity. Where you get to setup a Standard Website and have people come there to trade with you. Many platforms are springing up every day with many more still to come. The Crypto Currency frenzy is still getting started as we believe that there’s so much room for more growth, thus leaving owners of bitcoin trading platforms smiling to the bank.


Below are key Features a Bitcoin Website Should have

Bitcoin Wallets For New Users: Every standard bitcoin trading platform should have the advanced feature that allows its users to generate their own Bitcoin wallet. This feature is key as many people who might intend to buy are first time Bitcoin buyers who might not have any bitcoin wallets. So ensure that you enable this key capability when setting up your own platform.


Advanced Security Features: Security is one of the most important parts of projects like this, as any successful hack of the platform will be disastrous and could lead to the demise of the brand’s reputation. It is also important that there’re multiple layers of security in the architecture of the design and development and also in the way Users interact with the platform.


Email Delivery Systems: This amongst a few other strategies will be used to notify users of certain activities going on in their account or latest developments on the platform. It’s also very important that a very robust and reliable email delivery system is utilized to ensure that important notifications are properly dispersed to users of your platform.


There’re a number of other ideas that a project like this should also have but we’ll need to stop here for now until you contact us @ NEW CONNECT.


We’re a Web and Mobile Apps Development company with many years of building turnkey solutions. We have the technical expertise to design, develop and deploy seamlessly any project that has to do with Crypto Currency or even Gift Card exchange Websites or Mobile Apps.

So why not Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 to get started today



How to Get an Events and Tickets Booking Website in Nigeria

Hello everyone, our article today will be discussing how you can go about getting yourself an Events & Tickets booking website in Nigeria.

First, how does an Events & Ticket booking website work? It revolves around having a Website where Event organizers and show promoters can come to advertise their Events with the aim of also selling their tickets on your platform. They will have the ability to segment the different categories of tickets up for sale.

Meanwhile, whenever any of those tickets are sold, you as the owner of the platform will get a commission from every ticket sales made on the platform. These commissions could range from 5-10% or sometimes more, depending on the agreement struck with the Event organizer.

The percentage gotten on each ticket sold might appear small but when you multiple by the thousands you can potentially sell per event, then you’ll agree with me that it is a lucrative business.


Below are some Features an Events & Ticket Booking Website should have


Tickets Categories

This feature allows an Event organizer to list the different categories of tickets available for sale, I.e Regular, VIP, VVIP and Tables etc. The event organizer can also insert the prices for the various categories of tickets, thus also allowing for interested Event goers to select the categories of tickets they intend to buy, insert the number of tickets they’re buying and then proceed to pay.


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Payment API Integration

This is the process of integrating a reliable Api that allows people to easily pay for tickets with their Debit cards (ATM Cards). It has to be a very secure channel that allows for seamless payment from Event goers. It should also able to accept payments from Verve, Master Cards and VISA Cards etc.


Email Delivery System

An Email Delivery System will allow you to constantly send Emails to people who have booked tickets through your platform in the past. The idea is to help inform them of New Events and Shows that they may be interested in. You can also use it to send out Emails that will help inform people of new services that you now offer as a brand. It is important that the system is one that is very robust enough to handle a high amount of Email Delivery request.


There are many other important features that can be integrated into an Events & Tickets Booking website. Features which we at NEW CONNECT are very experienced with, being that we’re a Web Design/Development company with expertise also in Mobile Apps Development. We understand the peculiar nature of Events and Tickets Booking Websites and also have the technical competence to build yours from the scratch. We also deliver on schedule and with an uncompromised quality of programming.

Why not reach today to discuss your project with us? Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 to get started

How To Get A Radio App For Your Radio Station In Nigeria

Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing on how to get your Radio Station a Mobile App in Nigeria. Many Radio stations in Nigeria are building their own mobile apps which can be downloaded from various app stores. And this is because it is one of the modern ways of expanding your reach and potential audience. Before we delve into how to go about getting one,  it is important that we start by explaining the importance of having it in the first place.


Below are some of the benefits of having a Radio App in Nigeria


Reach a Wider Audience

Radio stations require licenses to operate, and usually their transmission equipments can only send signals that cover a particular distance, beyond which you can no longer get signals anymore, which means that the coverage will limit the size of their audience. But having a Radio App means that you are now transmitting over the internet, which also means that you can actually have people tuning in to your programs from any part of the country and literally any part of the world where your App has been downloaded.

Radio Apps have enabled many Radio stations to grow their audience beyond the level of what their traditional transmission equipments would have been able to achieve.


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More Loyal Listeners

This is key for Radio stations, as it is important to retain their audience, if they hope to grow their revenue from advertising. Radio Apps helps some of your loyal listeners who are leaving town to be able to tune in from other parts of the country. It has also helped many listeners to tune in from other parts of the world where they travelled to for business or leisure. A Radio app, if properly deployed can be a massive driver of growth of your platform.


Social Media Engagement

We recommend that your social media feed (SMF) is integrated into the App, to give your listeners the ability to comment and share their views on your social media platforms in real time. This makes it easier for them to react to topics being discussed on the platform without having to leave the App or go from one App to the other.

This is a major driver of growth of your social media followers and the much needed engagement that many brands are craving for.


Now that you know the benefits of having an App for your Radio Station in Nigeria, your question will most likely be; how can I get one?

We at New Connect are experienced in the design and development of all kinds of Web & Mobile Apps. We understand the unique features that should come with a Radio App and have the much needed skills and technical competence to help you build yours. We are ready to get your project started; all you need do is Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 today.

How To Get A Mobile App for your Utility Payments Business In Nigeria

If you look everywhere across your neighborhood, you will notice numerous Mobile Money agents sprouting in every nook and cranny around your vicinity. They are becoming the preferred choice of many Nigerians who seek to avoid the long queues at the bank premises or ATM stands.

Beyond withdrawal and deposit of money, they also help people pay for their utility bills like power bills and also they subscribe to their cable TV networks like DST V,GOTV and Startimes etc using these agents. This business has been on the rise everyday as they can be readily found everywhere and don’t disappoint like ATM machines that could be regularly out of cash or service.

This is the reason why many brands are also seeking to build Apps (Web & Mobile) that can help people perform these tasks just by clicking a few buttons on their Internet enabled devices, from the comfort of their homes or offices. These Apps can perform tasks ranging from payment of power bills, Mobile line recharge, Cable TV subscription and Internet data purchase etc.

It is one of the fastest growing businesses in the online space as the internet penetration in Nigeria has experienced some impressive growth in the last few years and has therefore influenced the growth of and usage of these Utility bills payment Apps.

Below are a few things you must have in Mind when building yours


Easy Navigation of the App

Your users must be able to easily navigate your App to achieve the tasks they intend to perform. They must find the layout and Call To Actions (CTA’s) intuitive enough to be able to get things done in the fastest possible time. If users struggle to navigate the platform, it will inevitably lead to a high uninstall rate of your App and worst of all, you will have a very poor rating online. While this might sound basic, it has actually destroyed many projects like this when not taken seriously.


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This is an essential part of projects like this. As the preying eyes of hackers are in constant search for Apps like this to break into, and do away with sensitive data of your companies or users that they could eventually use to cause havoc. In the event that this happens, it will be a massive setback for your brand and could also lead to your brand having a very bad reputation.



Customer Support System

It is very important that an App like this has a customer support system that could be used to resolve disputes and address issues being experienced by your users. It will also be advisable that you integrate an Advanced Chat Application API into the system to allow for users to chat in real time with your Admin or Customer care agents. This will also reduce the occurrence of users resorting to social media callouts or ranting when they experience difficulties while using your App.


At this point, the question in your mind desperately bagging for answers right now is; how do I get a Utility Payment App for my company in Nigeria? And the answer is “NEW CONNECT”. We are an innovative Web & Mobile App design company, with experience in the design and development of various kinds of Web and Mobile Apps projects.

We have a deep knowledge of this business and also have the technical competence to build and launch this App across various App Stores.

Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 to get started

How To Get an E Commerce Website In Nigeria

E-Commerce today is one of the fastest growing segments in the online space both in Nigeria and other parts of the world. It has become the preferred option for many shoppers who now prefer the idea of surfing the internet in search of an item they intend to buy, make payments and have it delivered to their doorsteps.

And the good news for E Commerce owners is also that, gone are the days when you need to worry about having your own delivery/logistics department, as there’re competent Logistics businesses that will help you deliver your goods to your customers anywhere in Nigeria at a very affordable rate and on time.

The internet gives every business an opportunity to grow rapidly, thus making it very important that every wholesaler or retailer should have his/her own E-commerce website today.

Before we discuss how you can easily get one for your business, it is important to understand some of the benefits.


Reach a larger Pool of Audience

With your physical office address, you will only be able to serve people who can come there physically to purchase the items. While with an E-commerce Website, you’ll be able to serve people who are in faraway places. Do you know that right now, someone just typed in their Google search bar “Black Italian shoe” or “Generator set for sale in Lagos”?, in a bid to purchase the item as quickly as possible, therefore meaning that anyone who has an E-commerce Website will be more likely to make a quick sale to someone who they have never met physically.


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Online Payment 24/7

This is one of the biggest benefits of having your own E-commerce store, the fact that you’ll be able to receive payments online and at anytime of the day even when you’re asleep. All you need to do is have a payment gateway integrated into your site and there you go. Your customers will be able to pay you using their ATM VISA, VERVE OR MASTERCARDS. People can pay you even on days when your physical store or office is not opened. All you need do is to confirm the payment which must have moved via your site to your account number, and then proceed to ship it to them.


Brand Perception

Having a professionally built E-commerce website will help to improve your brand perception, as many online customers have this belief that, for your company to own a neatly and creatively built E-commerce website of its own, then it must be a reputable brand. Things like this help you to grow your sales overtime making you a bigger brand in your industry. It will also help you become more known as people from across the country will at one point in time come across your brand online.


Finally, now that you know the benefits, I’m sure you’ll like to get one for your business. We at NEW CONNECT are a very reputable Website and Mobile Apps Development company based in Lagos Nigeria. We have the experience required to build E-commerce stores for different types of businesses. Whether it is for Phones and gadgets, Fashion wears & Accessories, Agricultural produce, Pharmaceuticals and Heavy Machinery etc. We will build it in a very professional way for you. Call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 to get started


How To Get Hotel Booking Website for your Hotel in Nigeria

Hello there, as the world begins it journey towards recovery from the covid-19 pandemic. It becomes important that businesses, most of which were impacted negatively, come up with innovative solutions. The business landscape will probably never be the same again, with job losses looming everywhere, the economic outlook for many countries is not looking fantastic, but there’s room for optimism.


One of the worst hit sectors is the travel and tourism sector, which depends a lot on people’s ability to travel freely from one place to the other. Hotels have been starved of the much needed guests it needs to stay afloat, due to the restriction of movements in Nigeria and most parts of the world. As the restrictions are gradually lifted, business will surely improve but it’ll no longer be wise for any right thinking hotel management to keep operating the same way it operated pre-covid 19 era.
Hotels will have to take their services to people, and the best place to find them today is online. It’ll no longer be business as usual, if you fail to innovate and take your hotel booking and marketing online, you risk losing millions in potential revenue, which could threaten the survival of your Hotel establishment.


Having a Hotel Booking Website, will help more people from across the country/world to easily find you online, and of course get to see the quality of services you have to offer. You’ll no longer depend on guests within the neighborhood to survive. It will also help to elevate your brand as many guests will love to stay in a Hotel managed by people who are in-tune with modern trends and innovations.
Below are a few features your hotel website should have.


Booking & Reservation:
Your guests will have the ability to book rooms/suites online, without having to travel down to enquire about availability. It will also help you ensure that your rooms are constantly occupied, as some people traveling for business or leisure will get to see your hotel online, the facilities on the offering and also get to book with ease.


Payment Gateway:
Your hotel booking website should also be able to allow guests securely pay online for rooms or services even before their arrival. This helps to limit leakages that is sometimes associated with exchange of physical cash. The payment Api must be neatly integrated for easy and secure transactions.
There’re many other features your Hotel Booking & Reservation website should have, which will help you stay competitive and increase the amount of guests and revenue.


We at NEW CONNECT are experts in Web & Mobile App development. We have many years of experience in the design and development of various kinds of websites, which also includes Websites for Hotels & Resorts.
Contact us today to get started with your project, Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958

How to get a Travel Agency website in Lagos, Nigeria

The travel industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. With millions of people travelling from one point to the other either for business, academics or pleassure.
Many amongst which don’t understand how to go about the process of getting the necessary travel documents or how to even book their flight tickets. Which of course makes Travel Agencies a very important arm of the travel and aviation sector.
There so many Travel Agencies in Nigeria today, some of which are profesionals in what they do, while many others are quacks or fraudsters which have bedeviled the industry for a long time. This makes the issue of trust a major factor for many people who intend to engage the services of a Travel Agency. As many have been duped by some of these scam agents.
So below i’ll quickly explain what having a website will do to improve the business of a travel Agency/agent, and how to get one today.


Reach More Clients:
Do you know that someone, somewhere in Nigeria is currently searching google for ‘How to process Canadian Visa & Travel Documents’. There’re thousands of people out there who are searching for a trustworthy travel agent that could help process their travel documents. Which is what having a website can do for you. Connect you to thousands of potential clients across the country. Not everyone will have the time to come to your physical office at first, but they can connect with you via your website, after which you can proceed to schedule an appointment if necessary.

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Brand Perception:
When people see a firm with a professionally built website, they tend to easily see them as a respectable brand. Nobody wants to work with roadside agents anymore. So having a website for your travel agency will not just connect you to potential clients, but it’ll also improve your brand perception. Which could prove crucial when trying to convince some tough clients.


We at NEW CONNECT, have many years of experience in the design and development of websites and Mobile Applications. We also understand the peculiar nature of the travel agency industry, and we’ll bring our knowledge of that when creating a beautiful website that will help improve your business.
Contact us today, call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958.

How To Get a Pharmacy Delivery Website and Mobile App in Nigeria

Hello everyone, today we’ll discuss how a Pharmacy Store and Consultancy Service can get a Website and Mobile App to facilitate delivery services. The Covid 19 pandemic has become an eye opener to many businesses around the world on the need to digitize their services and operations. As we all have come to realize the increased importance of having digital channels through which people can reach us and also patronize our businesses.

The pharmaceutical industry as a sub-sector of the health system, is one of the most vital part of any healthy society. And as such, it has become important for any pharmacy that wants to be an industry leader to innovate and take advantage of the digital tools being adopted today to serve a very large population who need quality and affordable health care. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

Some Features A Good Pharmacy App should have

  1. Well Structured Categories:
    As we all know, there’re many types of medications out there. From Infant medicines, Anti biotics, Fitness & wellness and Food Supplements etc. It becomes important that your Web Developer is able to neatly structures your Menu and Categories in a manner that allows people to easily find what they’re looking for.

2. Payment Systems Integration:
Your App should be able to process payments seamlessly as many people would like to pay online with their credit or debit cards. The payments Api must also be safe and very secure to avoid any possibility of hacking which will be dangerous for your brand. The more the number of payment options you offer to users of your App, the better for you. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

3. Search Box:
You should also ensure that you have a ‘Quick Seach Box’ in your App, that will help people to easily find what they’re looking for. Rather than going through the stress of having to scroll endlessly through hundreds of listed products on your platform. They could just type the name or description of the products directly in the search box, and immediately get results relating to their search request.
There are many other Advanced features we can’t discuss now, in other to keep this post as short as possible.

How To get One Today
We @ New Connect are very experienced in the design and Developments of Web & Mobile Applications. And we’ll be happy to help you create and App that will make the ordering of your products easy and fast. So why not reach us today to get started?
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How to get an Escrow Services Website and Mobile App in Nigeria

Hello everyone, Today we’ll be talking about the exciting business of Escrow services in Nigeria (Web & Mobile Apps) and how you can get yours up and running today.

First how does Escrow services work? A very simple answer will be a ‘3rd party’ or ‘Middle man’ who helps to ensure that a transaction between 2 people (or more) goes according to plan. Also an Escrow service helps to drastically reduce the possibility of fraud by any of the parties involved in the said transaction.

Escrow services are gradually getting the much deserved recognition and acceptance in Nigeria, as they have helped to increase the confidence people have in doing business online with people they don’t know or have never met.

One of the biggest boost of the Escrow business (Online) in Nigeria is primarily due to the sudden rise in the patronage of E-commerce stores in Nigeria. As many new online stores pop-up here and there, they often struggle to convince potential customers of their trustworthiness. This is due to the presence of criminal elements online who’re engaged in various forms of cyber-crime. Which means that the best option these online stores have is, to encourage these skeptical customers to use an Escrow service to ensure that they only receive their payments when the customer has received his/her order and is satisfied with its condition. This ensures protection for both buyer and seller. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

Features your Escrow Service Website and Mobile Must have

  1. BVN Verification Api: This is very important as you’ll need to always apply various KYC (Know your customer) protocols across your website/mobile App. You’ll need to authenticate that the BVN they provide while trying to use your platform is genuine. Failure to do this could lead to serious legal issues in the event that things go wrong during the transaction. Due to the sensitive nature of this business and the guidelines that must be adhered to. It is not wise to hand over this project to just any Web Developer who is trying to lure you with cheaper pricing. As He/she could end up making very expensive mistakes that could ruin your business. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)
  2. ID Verification: You’ll also need to design the platform in a manner that ensures that you can verify the true identity of all your users. ID’s such as Drivers license, International Passport, Voters Card, or National Identity Card etc can be verified seamlessly by your portal. This will help you to be in compliance with some of the regulations that guide this sub-sector of the financial landscape.
  3. SECURITY: We can not over emphasize on the need to have a robust Security architecture on a platform like this. As your platform will be handling a large amount of sensitive data, which if hacked into, could spell doom for all parties involved. So the security framework must be of extremely good quality.

There’re a number of other ideas and features that must also be integrated in your Escrow services website and Mobile App in Nigeria, for it to work seamlessly. But we’ll stop here for now so as to keep this post short but educative

How To Get yours Today
We @ New Connect are very experienced Web & Mobile App developers, We also have experts in Business Consultancy, Branding and Digital Marketing. We’ll help you with the planning, design & development, down to the successful launch of your Escrow services Project.
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How To Get A Property Listing Website in Nigeria

Hello everyone, you’re welcome to another edition of NEW CONNECT business digest. Today we’ll be talking about Property Listing Websites. The benefits of having one and how to go about getting one today.

First, what is a property Listing website? These are simply websites where Real Estate Agents or Developers, list different properties for sale. Intending buyers can connect with Real Estate Agents or property owners via these platforms with ease.
While there are 2 major types of Property listing websites in Nigeria. Which are;

  1. Open Listing: These types allow for many agents or property owners to list their properties. This is open to everyone who has a property for sale. It basically serves as a property market place for all
  2. Closed Listing: This is owned by an individual or company that intends to listing solely its own properties. They are not open to other Agents or property owners to list their properties.

But for the sake of keeping this article short and informative, we’ll focus on Closed listing model.

Advantages Of Property Listing Websites

    Yes, awareness is of very huge importance, as people will sometimes not know that there’s a property for sale in their preferred area. Except for word of mouth many Real Estate Agents and Experts really struggle to sell or rent properties on time. So neatly listing a property for Sale, Lease or Rent and having it online where people from anywhere in the world can see it and possibly contact you for possible negotiations is a great idea.

Your brand as a Real Estate Agent or Expert will be better respected when you take deliberate steps to stand out from the crowd. And one of those smart ways is to put your business online, through which people can see the services that you render, areas that you cover and of course the properties in your portfolio. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

The Real Estate business like every other sector in Nigeria has its own set of challenges. And one of the biggest threat to the growth of the sector, is the emergence of quacks and people with fraudulent practices. Which makes it quite difficult for an intending property buyer to trust you from the word ‘GO’. Building a property listing website for your business will go a long way in helping to boost the confidence of people to contact you for negotiations.
You can also put the logo (emblems) of professional bodies that you are registered with on your website. As things like that go a long way in boosting the confidence of any intending buyer out there.

How To Get A Property Listing Website Today
You’ll need the services of an experienced Web Design Company in Nigeria. @ NEW CONNECT (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958), We have many years of experience in the designing and development of different kinds of websites, Mobile Apps and Softwares. We’ll help plan and develop a professional looking property listing website, that will set you apart from the crowd. We understand the importance of building a reputable brand and as such. We’ll build a website that will help reflect the true beauty of your brand.
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