How To Get Your Crowd Funding Website in Nigeria

How To Get Your Crowd Funding Website in Nigeria

Crowd funding as a form of capital/finance generation has been around for centuries. It has existed in different forms across generations. As the first known forms of this business model where typically ones that involved raising money through friends and family, which still exists today.

Crowd funding, just as the name depicts, is a system of raising money from a large number of people for an investment opportunity, project or charitable cause.

This typically happens on the internet nowadays and has experienced a rapid growth in Nigeria in recent years, as more people seek to invest in promising business opportunities that promises a healthy ROI (Returns on investment).


There are currently many forms and types of crowd funding platforms across Nigeria, with many of them operating in the Agric, Real Estate or charity. Their growing popularity is a sign that the business model is heading in the right direction.


Features a Crowd Funding Platform should have


USER DASHBOARD: A platform like this should have a User Dashboard through which your investors/partners can be able to see the progress their investment has made. They should be able to also get feedbacks from your company whenever there’s an important update. The User Dashboard should also be intuitive, in other words, it has to very easy to navigate for even a none techy person.


SECURITY: This is a key component that must never be overlooked or handled with kids gloves. A platform like this should have multiple layers of security to prevent any hack of the platform. The sensitive data of your platform and its USERS must be protected at all times, as failure to do so could completely destroy the reputation of the platform.


ADVANCED EMAIL DELIVERY SYSTEM: This is vital for the prompt dispersal of information to your Partners/Investors. This will be key to ensuring that whenever you have any new investment opportunity or project you’ll like your USERS to be aware of, they can easily be notified via a secure email delivery system.

The list of features that could be implemented for a Crowd Funding website or Mobile App to be successful in Nigeria is quite much more than we can cover in this short article. But we’re always ready to discuss them with you whenever you’re ready to build your own platform.

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