How to get a Bitcoin Trading Website for your Business in Nigeria

How to get a Bitcoin Trading Website for your Business in Nigeria

Bitcoin is a name I’m sure that almost everyone must have come across. And even if you don’t know what it is all about, you must have heard of it at least.

Bitcoin has experienced a meteoric rise in recent time, as it has smashed new trading records after records, although there is no single factor that has influenced this sharp rise but a number of factors have cumulated in its growing acceptance by the day.


Below are 2 factors we believe has influenced the Bitcoin Rise

a. Big companies like Microsoft, AT&T and Twitch (Amazon’s game streaming platform) are now accepting Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for one or more of their services. This has also fueled the growing confidence that people have in the viability of crypto currencies.


b. The covid 19 pandemic has in no small measure led to the drive of people increasingly wanting to do cashless transactions. As health experts have long confirmed that the virus can be transferred through cash, people now seek to turn towards other digital ways of payments of which Bitcoin is one of the most popular in this case.


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There’re many other factors like the influx of Institutional Investors around the world into the Bitcoin space amongst other reasons, which has now made Bitcoin a more serious topic for investment discussions.


This new level of mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin has also made Bitcoin Trading Websites a huge money making opportunity. Where you get to setup a Standard Website and have people come there to trade with you. Many platforms are springing up every day with many more still to come. The Crypto Currency frenzy is still getting started as we believe that there’s so much room for more growth, thus leaving owners of bitcoin trading platforms smiling to the bank.


Below are key Features a Bitcoin Website Should have

Bitcoin Wallets For New Users: Every standard bitcoin trading platform should have the advanced feature that allows its users to generate their own Bitcoin wallet. This feature is key as many people who might intend to buy are first time Bitcoin buyers who might not have any bitcoin wallets. So ensure that you enable this key capability when setting up your own platform.


Advanced Security Features: Security is one of the most important parts of projects like this, as any successful hack of the platform will be disastrous and could lead to the demise of the brand’s reputation. It is also important that there’re multiple layers of security in the architecture of the design and development and also in the way Users interact with the platform.


Email Delivery Systems: This amongst a few other strategies will be used to notify users of certain activities going on in their account or latest developments on the platform. It’s also very important that a very robust and reliable email delivery system is utilized to ensure that important notifications are properly dispersed to users of your platform.


There’re a number of other ideas that a project like this should also have but we’ll need to stop here for now until you contact us @ NEW CONNECT.


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