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[heading title=”WHAT IS A SMAT NUMBER?” tag=”h2″ color=”#dd0000″ line=”true”][/heading]

Doing business in today’s world is very much dynamic from what it used to be when compared to about 20 years ago. Consumer taste and needs are evolving. People now want things fast and by just the click of a button, a business transaction is initiated and completed. Thus making it even more important for companies and institutions to stay ahead, in other to be able to compete in today’s technology driven world.
One key tool that has become even more important for doing business is the SMAT/VANITY NUMBERS. What are they? They are a unique set of numbers that could help people easily identify and relate to your brand. Many at times, they are more easy to remember. As most owners of this numbers pick out a unique set of numbers that are in one way or the other linked to their brand name or identity. You must have seen numbers like 0700 SWEETFOOD OR 0800 CHEFSHOP. This are just but a few examples of SMAT NUMBERS. There are 2 major types of SMAT NUMBERS

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[heading title=”1. NON TOLL-FREE (0700)” tag=”h3″ color=”#dd0000″ line=”true”][/heading]

They usually start with 0700. This is very good for institions and organisations who want their phone numbers to be unique and easy to remember. The only draw back of this type, is that callers will still have to pay for calling your company/Institution. Just like your normal phone lines.
Below are some of the importance of Non-Toll Free numbers

Non Toll Free (0700)

  • Memorable, easily recognizable, convenient to use
    Improved communication accessibility
    Attracts attention (tool for self-expression)
    Personalized for your business
    A marketing aid and indirect avenue to increase sales
    Improves profitability
    Improves customer service
    Strengthens brand recognition
    Helps increase credibility and prestige
    Tool for branding and brand visibility.
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[heading title=”2. TOLL FREE (0800)” tag=”h3″ color=”#dd0000″][/heading]

This usually starts with 0800. They are great for companies who want to set up their own (customer care service). And just like customer care service units operated by Telecoms companies in Nigeria.

Your Customers/clients will not have to worry about airtime when calling you to make enquiries or make a complaint. This helps to strengthen the relationship between companies and customers, as it is usually seen as a bold statement about how much your company/organisation cares about customer service. So you get to foot the bill when they call you, in other words money is deducted from your Toll Number account, whenever they call. But on the long run, this will be nothing compared to the amount of customers and client who will patronize your business. Thereby increasing revenue and profits, which will help you stay ahead of competition in your industry
Below are some of the importance of Toll Free numbers

Toll free (0800)
Encourages more people to call.
Indicates strength and stability that the provider or the subscriber of the toll free service has the capacity to carry his business and that of those that do business with the company.
Easily provide source of feedback.
A tool to project brand integrity and loyalty
Toll-free number provides an avenue to increase business patronage which in turn leads to higher profitability.
The best tool for customer service and customer care.
Tool for branding and brand visibility


So if you’re ready to stand out from the crowd and make your business become a market/industry leader. Feel free to reach out to us for the setting up and deployment of your own Vanity number either Toll Free (0800) or Non-Toll Free(0700)
You can also Call or Whatsapp NEW CONNECT +234 808 970 0958

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