Toll Free Numbers Ex. 0800 YOUR NAME Or Non Toll Free Number Ex. 0700 YOUR NAME


They usually start with 0700. This is very good for institutions and organizations who want their phone numbers to be unique and easy to remember. The only drawback of this type, is that callers will still have to pay for calling your company/Institution. Just like your normal phone lines.
Regardless, it has proven overtime to be a tool for driving up growth and patronage of businesses that have deployed.

Benefits Of NON TOLL FREE (0700)

They're memorable, easily recognizable and convenient to use for organizations of various sizes.

Attracts attention (tool for self-expression), thereby strengthening brand recognition.

Helps increase credibility and prestige of your brand. Which overtime translates into more patronage.

Improves customer service and helps to strengthen the bond with your customers.

TOLL FREE (0800)

These usually starts with 0800. They are great for companies who want to set up their own (customer care service). And just like customer care service units operated by Telecoms companies in Nigeria.
Your Customers/clients will not have to worry about airtime when calling you to make enquiries or make a complaint. This helps to strengthen the relationship between companies and customers, as it is usually seen as a bold statement about how much your company/organization cares about customer service. ,
Examples: 0800 FOAM STORE, 0800 SHOE CART & 0800 FOOD SHOP etc
Your business gets to foot the bill when they call you, in other words, money is deducted from your Toll Number account, whenever they call. But on the long run, this will be nothing compared to the amount of customers and client who will patronize your business. Thereby increasing revenue and profits, which will help you stay ahead of competition

Benefits Of TOLL FREE (0800)

It encourages more people to call and they know that they don't have to pay.

It is the perfect option for emergency services and it also be used can be used by a telecom or tech company

Indicates strength and stability and that the subscriber of the toll free service has sufficient capacity.

Toll-free number provides an avenue to increase business patronage which in turn leads to higher profitability.

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