About us

We Are New Connect

New Connect Global Resources Limited is an innovative IT company founded in 2014 and duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC 1214133
With services ranging from web design, mobile apps development, Business Development and Research, Web development training and Branding consultancy etc, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the leading brands in the IT space


Taking Your Brief

The first thing we do at New Connect, is to take and understand your brief, as it is a very vital stage, in which our team gets to sit down with yours and try to understand what you intend to achieve your company/start-up.
We also seize this opportunity to advice you on the way to go, which will also enable you to make a well informed decision.

Planning & Research

The next stage of work is to commence research and planning, in other to ensure that we recommend and implement only the best ideas for your project. It then becomes important that we assist you in the process of identifying the people who might be interested in your goods or services.
We ensure that we carry you along in this phase, so as to produce the much desired result.

Project Execution

This step is sometimes one of the most important as it requires a great deal of expertise We have a team of highly talented graphic designers and visual artists who will help in the creation of your logo, picking of color schemes and also guide you through the process of putting together a good mission statement and tagline that truly represents all that your brand stands for.


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