Hello everyone, today i’ll be discussing briefly why many graduates with good or decent CV’s are still struggling to get that dream job they have so much craved for, or in many other cases, are still unable to get one at all. It is also important to state clearly, that the reasons i’ll be discussing, will not apply to every case, but is actually meant to point out this things and proffer possible solutions to them. So without wasting much time, here are the possible reasons why you are yet to get your dream job.


Personal Development and Technical Skills
Why it is laudable that you made a First class or Second Class Upper etc, you should know that there are thousands of other graduates who have made the same grade or better, and so it begins to come down to many other factors like the years of work experience (which we’ll discuss later in this post), possession of any technical skills and even professional certifications relevant to your field.
This situation therefore makes it harder for any employer who have advertised for a certain position and about 70 people who are all qualified show up for the interview, to ignore other candidates who could boast of having one or more technical skills and settle for you who has non.
Developing yourself in one technical area or the other doesn’t only mean that you’ll have much more to offer their organisation, but it is also a bold statement, which tells them that you value personal growth and development, thus making you a potential asset to the organisation’s operations.
So be it the learning and certification in Digital Marketing, Web Design/Development or even Desktop publishing, your employer wants to see that you’re equipped enough to offer something special.

Practical Knowledge and Work Experience
I know what you always say when you see a company advertise a vacant position with a minimum work experience of 5 years, “how is a fresh graduate supposed to have 5 years working experience”. Yes, you’re right, but why not see it from the angle of the employer, who has invested millions of Naira or Dollars. And needs a sensitive position to be filled, one that also requires that you supervise others. Now my question will be how do you supervise people if you have little or no idea as to the practical side of the business. I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded that many of the theoretical and often obsolete things you were thought in school is quite different in most cases from how things work in the field.
So why not approach organisations, in the capacity of an intern, which is more readily available as many companies use to save cost and sometimes as a strategy for recruiting their workforce. They like to know if you’re dedicated, or a team player like everyone claims to be, knowing that they are not under any obligation to hire you permanently if you don’t perform.
Finally, the whole idea of internship for you should not be primarily to make money (just in case they don’t pay at all), but rather it is to help increase the years of work experience that you have and also to get you up to speed with the practical knowledge needed to thrive in the business, which will in-turn better position you to get that job you’ve always wanted.

Lack of Networking Skills
Like the old saying goes “no man is an island of himself”, and this is because no matter who you are or what your societal status is, you will always need others in one way or the other.
This is the reason why many top business men always belong to either a Lawn tennis, polo or Golf club etc. With the main aim of networking with other people who might be relevant in one way or the other to the growth of their business empires.
This is one of the major reason why it is recommendable that everyone, be it a fresh graduate or an employee of a company should strive to associate and network with other people who might be of help in getting you that job. Never be ashamed as a graduate to politely tell friends or relations that you’re currently looking for a job. It’s also ok to smartly tell them your qualification, as you never know who might link you to that lucrative job offer.

You can also open a Linked’in account and try to be active, so as to position yourself to grab any good opportunity that passes by. All this and many more are important as i will like to remind you that your situation will never change until you’re angry enough to do something about it. So go out there, take action as improving on these areas discussed above will help you become more visible and trust me, in no time you will land that dream job.

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