Hello everyone, i will briefly address a myth about E-commerce website, that I’ve had to counter constantly. But to begin with, what is an E-commerce website? We can simply define it as an online store where people can find items that they are interested in and purchase if they can afford it.
So we can also simply put it that, an E-commerce store is like your goods displayed in a store online. Which leads us to the next question. who needs an E-commerce website or what could it be used for;

* Mini Importation & Dropshipping
* Fashion Designer
* Boutique and accessories
* Food stuff Retailer/wholesaler
* Women wigs ( weavon) and beauty solutions
* Computers & Ict accessories
* Herbal medicines & food supplements etc

The list is quite endless, but the problem is that most people think that you have to be as rich as Jumia or Konga to own one, but they don’t know that there are many small/medium sized businesses that now own their E-commerce platform custom built for their businesses which in turn helped them to boost sales and grow their start-ups. Please bear in mind that to build one, you’ll need the services of a Web Design Company in Nigeria . Below i will briefly highlight a few reasons why you must get one today.

If you go on instagram and facebook immediately after reading this write-up, you’ll be bombarded with adverts of companies who are selling from weavons, Cakes/confectioneries, men sexual performance enhancing supplements to ladies wear etc. And you get tempted to think that they are big companies, simply because you clicked the link to discover a neatly designed E-commerce platform. Now the truth is that most of them are small businesses who have something to sell but knew that without trust no one will be willing to transfer or pay money into your account for any product you claim to sell.
Furthermore, this is worsened by the fact that most people have been scammed before by internet scammers claiming to be selling one thing or the other, but ended up defrauding the unsuspecting victim. This has made buyers of products online to become more vigilant, and most will like to see if you’ve a website (professionally designed online store) to see if you can be trusted. So whenever a person who was supposed to buy something worth N20,000 and above which is a substantial amount of money, they will like to check and double check before patronizing you. So whether you sell Wigs for ladies or Shoes for men, try to get your own E-commerce store today (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958) to boost the confidence of your potential customers. It shows them that you’re serious and will not elope with their money.

Limitless pool of Customers
As you read this post now, someone is currently typing “where to buy Italian ladies shoes” or “where to buy original Brazilian hair”, yes this is the reality today. People are constantly searching for all kinds of items on the internet, and no one will know that you sell or have this things in store, if you don’t create an online store where they are displayed with the available colors, sizes, brands and of course the prices to go with them. This will allow people to find your goods online, and order for them so you don’t depend on physical sales to survive. The internet is big and can only get bigger, so are you going to see by the side and watch the action? or will you grab your own share of the pie?

Ease of payment
One of the biggest advantages of owning an online store is that, unlike your physical store that can close for the day, or lock up for holidays. Your online store is always there attending to your customers. It doesn’t need rest or vacation, ever ready and willing to serve, but more importantly. If well configured and integrated with all the right functionalities, it has the ability to help you collect payments from your limitless pool of customers.
Yes, customers/clients don’t have to physically come to your store to pay, and you know, there is usually no need for price haggling as you could experience in a physical store. So all the customer needs to do is to select the items they want, as displayed on your E-commerce website, after which they are to proceed to the checkout area, where they will select their preferred payment method, Visa, verve, mastercard, perfect money and paypal.
This will in turn ensure that your money keeps coming in without physical contact with the customers.

Finally we at NEW CONNECT GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD, have many years of experience in web design/development, which also includes E-commerce as discussed above. We’ll help you in the design of your own E-commerce website and integrate in it, a secure payment gateway that will allow customers pay for your products seamlessly and also configure other tools that could be needed, to help boost trust and most importantly, sales for your company or start-up.
All these and many more we would do for an affordable price, as we’re known by many to be a customer friendly brand. So contact us today to get started (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

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