Another day, another building collapse is recorded in Lagos or some other part of Nigeria. This is gradually becoming a regular occurrence, such that it doesn’t seem to bother anyone out there. From the preferred use of cheaper sub-standard building materials that have flooded the markets, to the invasion of the construction industry by quacks who parade themselves as Surveyors, Architects and Civil Engineers. Though they are not solely to be blamed for this menace, as “it takes two to tangle” they say. We must also hold responsible, the relevant government agencies who have been charged to maintain sanity in the industry, but rather have also become culprits, as they tend to allow this things thrive after a few naira notes have exchanged hands.

The questions we should also ask is, why do people still fall into the hands of quacks? where are the genuine companies? Probably somewhere sipping coffee in their offices, bragging about their level of knowledge and technical know-how of the construction business. The truth will always remain, that nobody knows or will know how good or competent you or your firm is, if you don’t tell the world about your company, your portfolio and more importantly, your accomplishments. The only people who probably know that your firm is stocked with some of the best crop of surveyors or Civil engineers are clients who have contracted you at one point or the other. But this shouldn’t be so, as there’s someone somewhere on his/her mobile devices, typing “how to find a good construction company in Nigeria”. Yes, you heard me right, people are looking for competent companies to work with on their next project. But it’s quite unfortunate that most of this companies don’t see the need to better position their businesses in other to become more visible, or should i say, discoverable by the limitless amount of people who surf the web everyday, looking for a competent company they can contract in the execution of their projects.

Below are a few highlighted reasons why your construction firm (surveyors, civil engineers, mechanical engineers etc) must go online. And first thing you must note is that, they’ll be needing a trusted Web Design Company in Nigeria.

1. Reach more potential clients: As you know already, the internet has made it possible for people to connect with businesses from almost anywhere in the world. When you’ve a neatly and professionally built website, that could help to reflect the image of your company in the best possible way. You also make it easier for millions of potential clients who might be in search of a competent hand to work with to discover you.

2. Display your portfolio: Nothing makes a company more proud than the show-off of its rich portfolio. These things help in telling the potential client, that you’re very experienced in the handling of projects of different sizes. It also help to build confidence in your brand as they might even know the location of some of those projects, but were not previously aware that your company executed that project. So it becomes wise that you display your portfolio in a very elegant manner in your company website.

3. Trust Indicators: What does this mean? This is one way to further boost confidence of your potential clients. It simply means, displaying on your company website, a badge or logo of an association or union that is related, or one that superintends over organisations in your field. For example it could be a Professional body, or a well known and respected union that you/your organisation is a duly registered member of. This helps to show that you can be trusted and that can go a long way in convincing that man/woman on the web right now to put a call across to you, in other for consultations and possibly negotiations to begin.

4. Testimonials: This is usually the icing on the cake in the design of a professional website, especially one that has to do with services of this kind. Where people are usually skeptical about how genuine or competent a firm is. Most especially in the area of project delivery. Just by getting testimonials from satisfied clients and displaying it on your website, can go a very long way to further boost the confidence of your client to be. It has a way of psychologically persuading them to forget there fears and worries, and trust in your brand, after-all, you must be a reliable establishment, to have satisfied all those happy clients whose testimonials are displayed on your website.

Finally, in as much as it is a great idea to take your construction company to the online space, it is also important to state emphatically, that you need to also hire a competent firm that understands some of the challenges that could be associated with your line of business. And hence will take a number of things into consideration before commencing the design and development of your website.

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