Hello everyone, our post today will briefly discuss the changing times and trends as it relates to the gospel. Just 10-15 years ago, a church owning a website or a CMS (Church management System) was seen as a thing of luxury, while many others will argue that it was totally unnecessary. As evangelism primarily meant that every member goes on the street with fliers and megaphones (which is still a great idea). But today, times have changed, the world and the people who live in it, are constantly changing too. Which also means that preachers of the gospel must also continue to devise new strategies to spread the gospel far and wide, of which one of the most potent tool that could help to achieve that, is the internet. This has provided everyone including churches the opportunity to reach-out to a larger audience from almost anywhere in the world.
Below are a few reasons why churches must go online and how they can possibly go about it. So before we start, please note that you’ll be needing a trusted Web design Company in Nigeria

1. Large audience: with a properly built website integrated with all the right functionalities, a church cannot only show the world its arrangement of weekly programs alongside other basic information that you usually find on a church website. But it can also transmit it Services live for people to stream from everywhere in the world. Yes i mean from anywhere. As we all know that members of your church do travel to other parts of the country/world where you might not presently have a branch they can worship in. But they still want to be a part of the Sunday/weekly services. One way to do that is to embed the live transmission code in a dedicated page of your church website for people to be able to stream and be a part of your services. Just by using any internet enabled device. And do you also know that there are Christians who travel to parts of the country/world where there are no churches in sight, take for example the northern part of Nigeria. And what they do on Sunday’s is to go online to see if there are churches streaming their live services online for people to watch. Many churches have gotten new members through this means, and we think that your ministry should too.

2. Easy access to Ministry Materials: Gone are the days when the only way to buy an audio or video message of the ministers, was for people to Que at the book-shop owned by the church. These days technology has made it easier for churches to now have their materials hosted on their website for their members to download soft copies or to also order for hard copies. Be it a new book by a minister or a message, you can now upload these things on the ministry’s website for people to easily download or pay an amount which will be sent directly to the account number of the church.

3. Church Management System: One area where many churches have struggled in recent time, is in the area of, follow up. Whether new or old members, everyone needs to be followed up, just like a shepherd to a sheep. The leaders of the church have a duty and responsibility to look after everyone. As much as possible. I’ll not pretend not to know that it’s quite a difficult task to keep up with everyone, especially when you lead a large congregation.
The good news is, that technology have made all these things a lot more easier and achievable. All your Ministry will need to get is a CMS (Church Management System). It is a robust online platform built to help the running of your Ministry in a more stress free and efficient manner. It allows you have a database of everyone who is a member of your church. It also allows you store information like their telephone numbers, their date of birth etc It’s always a great feeling when a member of your church wakes up in the morning to see a message in their phone that wishes them a happy birthday, sent directly and automatically from your church’s (CMS). Little things like this can help to make people feel a lot more loved and important. Also for those who have stopped coming, it has the power to potentially draw them back. And all that will have been set-up within the system by the a Web Design company in Nigeria ( NEW CONNECT Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958) who can help you build and setup all this things to work seamlessly.

More importantly it can be used to send out messages to members of the congregation, to remind them of an upcoming program, it can also be used to store the list of first time visitors whom you intend to follow up on, to periodically send them messages praying for them and also inviting them to a new program.

Finally the importance of a Ministry to build its own neatly crafted website/Church management system, is inexhaustible. There are just too many advantages for one article to take. So we’ll advice every church to make out a budget and plan, to take the gospel online as that is where people spend a lot of their time these days.

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