Hello there, our topic today is centered on some of the problems that has plagued Travel Agencies in Nigeria and how they can be solved using IT solutions and branding. First i would like to state categorically that some of the challenges faced are self inflicted, as there are countless cases of people who have been defrauded by so called, Travel Agents. Many were promised the seamless processing of their Visas and other travel documents, while a few others are often lured with the promise of getting a well paid job abroad or more recently, helping you get admission into a foreign university. Only for them to later discover that they’ve been duped of their hard earned money. Which on many occasions have later led to arrests being made by the police or other relevant security agencies.
While this scenario above is prevalent in the Travel industry in Nigeria, i’d like to state emphatically that there are many genuine ones out there, who are not just trained travel experts, but are also very honest people who are interested in the concept of offering premium customer service, but with the high prevalence of quacks and fraudsters in the business, it has become increasingly difficult for the good ones to be identified, thus making the business appear un-profitable or should i say less rewarding.
Which brings us to the point where we’ll briefly highlight what you could do to fight the bad perception that often comes with being a travel agent in Nigeria. This are proven and tested strategies that have been deployed time and time again at NEW CONNECT. They have helped to improve the businesses of many of our clients (Travel Agencies) who have followed through on our recommendations and remained consistent in doing things in the most ethical way that is in tandem with the code of conduct of the Travel industry.

Build a PROFESSIONAL website
Yes i’m sure what you must be thinking, build a website, build a website all the time. This is simply because a website is the most basic tool any serious business must have. It is like your office built to receive and attend to the needs of prospects online. So asking the modern day man to do business with a company that doesn’t have a website, is almost like asking them to commit their hard earned resources into the hands of a person with no address.
As you must have noticed the PROFESSIONAL in the sub-topic above is written in capital letters. Which is because, you’re not expected to build just any type of website, but one that is neatly and thoughtfully designed to create an impression. Many prospective clients can be very smart people and so they tend to know quacks when they see one, although in some cases, it could be you who appears like one. So get a trusted and experienced web developer to help you with a great looking website today.

Integrate Chat Apps in your website
Do you know that when most people logon to your website in search of one service or the other, they most likely must have also opened a similar website (another company) to yours based on results they got from google search. Which leaves them screening the content and functionalities of the site to be able to choose which one looks more trustworthy or with more juicy offers. Thus making it important that you equip your site with all the necessary tools in other not to keep missing out on clients whose patronage could have helped the growth of your business. And one very smart way is to ask us (NEW CONNECT) or your developer choice to integrate a chat application into your site.
These acts like a pop-up window at the corner of your site, welcoming visitors into your website and telling them that you’re available for a quick chat. It allows you chat with them in real time and also affords you the opportunity of addressing whatever fear or worries they might have.
It will also help to immediately build some level of trust for your business and also increase your chances of being selected as their choice Travel Agent.

Social Media Engagement
This is important as it affords you the opportunity of constantly interfacing with people who might be interested in your services. You need to create quality content and post them. You can also organize little competitions or give always for your online community. Don’t just post any picture or graphics, but ensure that you post high quality graphics that is on most occasions enveloped in your brand colors. Engage your followers on key issues that affects the travel industry, be the first to break news that relates to your industry to them. Ensure that you’re mostly active and consistent, you can get trained on how to manage social media accounts effectively across different platforms but if you’ll not be able to meet up due to time constraint, you can get an experienced Digital Marketer to help you in the effective Management of your online community. That way you build trust which is one of the biggest elements that is important as a travel agent and business in general.

Create quality Blog post
This idea sounds cliche but trust me when i say, it will never go out of fashion. It is actually one of the smartest ways of tweaking the psychology of a prospective client/customer to your own advantage. People are naturally more interested in working with, or trusting an individual who gave them a helpful tip or gave them an insight into something they never knew. So why not integrate a blog-page into your website today and write quality posts that readers would find helpful. You can write something like “How to avoid fallen victim to fraudulent travel agents” or “How to get cheap flight tickets” or maybe something like “What to pack in your lugage and want not to, when travelling overseas”. If you’re not so much of a good writer, you’ve nothing to worry about as this is one of the things that a good Digital Maketer can help you handle.
Doing this properly and consistently will help you engage your readers and overtime convert them into loyal customers.

Finally, there are many more ideas that we can’t discuss here today in other not to make this post too lengthy, but they can be shared with you whenever you reach-out to NEW CONNECT for consultations. I hope you found this post helpful?

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