Long ago, the only way for one to watch a Tv channel, was basically to sit in front of a Tv set.
But times are changing with the emergence of new innovative technologies. Which is disrupting literally every sector, from banking to manufacturing, media production and transmission etc.
Though many people around the world still spend a decent amount of time in front of their Tv sets, a lot of people are moving towards contents they can easily access from their laptops and mobile devices on the go. With internet broadband penetration rapidly increasing in Nigeria (currently 33%, 2019) and sub-saharan Africa. The potentials in owning an online Tv channel even becomes a lot more promising than ever.

Have you also noticed that there are a number of them popping up every now and then? Which leaves you wondering, why? And the answer is simple. People still want to watch their favorite Tv shows or series. They also still want to watch great movies and of course, for the guys who don’t joke with football, they also search from how to stream matches from anywhere with ease. But in today’s world, people love to watch all these things from just about anywhere in the world, which is what the internet and great mobile devices, tooled with very sophisticated chips have made possible.
The traditional terrestrial (broadcasting) Tv channel (Like AIT, TVC and SILVERBIRD etc) are still great, but have their limitations, which stems from the fact that, they can only cover areas that they are licensed to operate in. Their transmission infrastructure can also only be able to cover a limited distance. Which is the reason why they also have a dedicated page on their websites through which people can stream live from almost anywhere in the world. You’ll need a Web Design Company in Nigeria
Below are basic things you must put in place in setting up your own online Tv Channel.

Register with CAC: Just as with every regular business in Nigeria, you must register your business with CAC (Corporate affairs Commission). This is to ensure that you’re a legally recognized business entity operating in Nigeria. A lawyer can help guide you through this process. You’ll also need to get a few licences here and there from BON (Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria), but most clients we’ve worked with, usually begin operations without the BON certificates as they are currently not very strict with online TV channels, but as you move on, it is advised that you get all the necessary licences and certifications.

GET A STUDIO: This is a very vital part of your business, as you need a studio where you have some gadgets put in place, and are used to coordinate your streaming service. The good news is that you don’t need to buy the traditional transmission gadgets and infrastructures that the traditional Tv station is associated with.
You can start with a mini studio, that is, one with some primary hardwares and softwares that have made this model of business a possibility. There are a number of things that will be needed but can’t be listed here as there a few setups that are unique to our own strategy for setting up projects of this kind ( NEW CONNECT Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958), Depending on your project size and most importantly budget, we know which strategy for studio setup best suits your project.

GET A WEB DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Now this is a little tricky, as not every web development firm is experienced in working on projects of this nature. As you know already, online Tv involves transmitting great content through the internet, and this also means that you will need to not just build a Web APP/mobile app, but they all have to be compatible with this type of project. There are 5 basic things your web developer will have to consider.

a. How to build the web App/Mobile app of your online Tv channel, in other for it to work seamlessly with your live streaming service across different devices.

b. A very reliable and powerful CDN provider (Content Distribution Network), which must work well with your setup in other to ensure that your HD videos (High definition) and content that you have secured, in other to transmit them to your growing list of audience/followers, are transmitted in the best possible quality and has the adaptable capacity to blend with devices with different screen sizes.

c. They must also have a plan for for ensuring that your platform is built in such a manner that reduces down times to the barest minimum. This is sometimes inevitable, but a team that is experienced in this area will take it into full consideration when designing and developing all that you’ll need for your online Tv station.( NEW CONNECT Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

d. You can also have special categories within your Web App/Mobile App that is reserved for paid content. Which means that you can also have premium content on your channel that people might need to either pay a one time fee or subscription to access. This is one sure way of increasing revenue, but first you must ensure that your paid content is worth paying for.

e. You web developer must be able to also design the platform in a manner that carefully separates your free content from the paid ones (IF YOU HAVE PREMIUM CONTENT). And also ensure that they integrate a very secure and robust payment Api, that would be able to process the payments seamlessly. ( NEW CONNECT Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

MARKETING: Yeah at this stage we assume that you’ve finished with the setting up of your Online Tv. Now just like every other product or service out there, you must also market your Tv station across every available social media or traditional media platform out there. No one will know you have great content if you don’t tell them about it. If you’ve bought the rights to show some episodes of a great Tv series which you know people would like to watch. You need to also reach out to them and tell them about the great line-up of programs that your Tv channel is offering.

So whether through facebook, instagram or traditional newspaper ads, ensure you keep telling people about your Online TV. Focusing more on the programs and series that you have in your line-up, because that’s the only thing that can lure and keep them coming back to your platform.

SECRET REVEALED: One smart way to quickly scale up and improve the amount of loyal following your Online Tv enjoys. Is to smartly target Nigerians in the diaspora. They have very cheap/affordable internet service over there, but are starved of great Nigerian content which is steadily becoming the choice content for everyone.
Though this is a little tricky, but we’ll guide you through when you hire us as your contractor, in setting up your online Tv from the scratch. We’re experienced and have great customer support, We are NEW CONNECT.
So why not reach out to us today, to get started. ( NEW CONNECT Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

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