Nollywood Movies have always enjoyed relatively large followership since it was founded in the 90’s, and with the growth it is currently experiencing, especially in the area of revenue generation. It is gradually leaving up to its promise of having the potential to become one of the highest employers of labour. As we all know there are quite a number of dedicated TV channels that show primarily Nollywood Movies and other African themed content like Africa Magic, Rok Tv and Adom Tv etc. But the reality still remains that many people who are usually off the zones where this Tv stations are licenced to cover cannot have access to it.

This has given birth to a relatively new and untapped market, Web/Mobile Apps Streaming or Download service dedicated or fully focused on nollywood or African content. There are only a handfull of players presently in this new market with Iroko TV, a start-up owned by Jason Njoku, which its subsidiary Rok Studious was recently purchased by french media giant CANAL+, although there are a few other streaming services like AfriNolly, Video Moja and Nollyland etc, to name a few. With the ever increasing amount of internet users in Nigeria, coupled with the fact that internet bundles are becoming relatively cheaper, this has made movie streaming business not just viable but potentially lucrative.
And so when i get asked, what are some of the best businesses one can invest into and potentially build an empire from? I would boldly say Nollywood Videos streaming/download service.
So at this point it is quite rational that your next question will be, how do you start yours and what is the estimated start-up cost? But in this post we’ll touch a few key things as i intend to keep this post as short but informative as possible. Please bear it in mind that you’ll need a Web Design Company in Nigeria to get things done for you.

Company Registration
Without wasting time on this, everyone knows that whenever you start a business, you’re expected to register such with the CAC (Corprate Affairs Commission). So as to be legally recognized as a legitimate business registered in Nigeria, you can either do this yourself or get a lawyer who can counsel and guide you through this. In other to ensure that you can have all the needed documents in no time while you focus on other important areas of this business that will need some attention.

This is the heart, body and soul of this business, and so will require substantial resources to piece together. You will need a Web Design Company in Nigeria ( call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958, NEW CONNECT) that can help you develop an App that will carry all the necessary features that will enable users to enjoy watching their favorite movies through your TV APP. You must be able to incorporate your monetisation strategies into your App in a manner that does not reduce or in anyway, slow down the speed of your streaming service. The App can be first designed for Android users as more people use android phones in Nigeria and many other parts of the world where you have a potential market, and as you begin its roll-out. In no time you’llĀ  start getting reviews and constructive criticism which you use to modify and improve the App, after which you can then design for other stores like Apple ios and Windows. Also remember, Like i mentioned earlier, that no matter the scale of ideas you want to integrate into this service, USER EXPERIENCE IS KEY.

Your APP or platform can never be complete without the main deal that has brought people to it. Having a good quantity but more importantly, quality content will be the main driver of growth in this business. No one will one to come back to your App/Site if they can not find any good movie to stream/download. So it is quite important that you go the extra mile and explore all possible options in getting great content for your Site. There are various ways of achieving this, but first you and your team of business consultants will need to offer enticing deals to already established or up-coming content makers to have their contents on your App.

Yes now that you have created a great and user friendly App/web portal for your streaming/download service, and you’ve also gotten great contents, what next? You have to tell the world about it, else no one will even know it exist and therefore you cannot get visitors to your web portal or get downloads of your Mobile App. Thus meaning that you can’t in anyway make money from your service. So you need to advertise across various platforms, most especially social media. This is where you’ll most likely find people who will be interested in streaming/downloading Nollywood movies from your App. It is wise that you gat a Digital Marketing team to handle this for you ( call or whatsapp +234 808 970 0958, NEW CONNECT), as you’ll need to do more than posting on your handles but also will need to engage and interact with people who must be carefully targeted for your Ad campaigns.
You can also explore or traditional forms of advertising like Tv, Radio, Newspapers and fliers etc. With very catchy Ads in other to gradually win over viewers who will on the long run make your business a household name.
There a few other things that you’ll need to do, but I’ll leave it here for now.

So take a bold step today, stop procrastinating, there will never be a best time to start, and remember that no one celebrates the guy who had the idea first, but rather people celebrate the one who transformed his ideas into a reality and overtime became successful with it. Thanks for reading up to this point

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