Hello everyone, due to popular demand from our readers and followers, our post today will help to explain the process of starting and running a successful Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Nigeria. There are many kind hearted people who seek to reach out to poor people around them, while some others might want to stand for a cause that could help influence policies in their community, state or country. Whichever it is, you might need to form an NGO in other to be able to reach-out to the public.

First, i’d like you to know that there are many NGO’s that have come and gone without having any meaningful impact, or meeting any set goal or targets. Many of these initiatives died even before they fully kicked off, and for varying reasons, either due to lack of funding, poor publicity, lack of focus or sometimes a general lack of understanding on how to operate a successful NGO.

This post will help to highlight some important steps that anyone who intends to run an NGO must take in other to ensure that it is able to achieve the desired aims and objectives for which it was established. You’ll also be needing the services of a Web Design company in Nigeria. These steps only apply after you must have gone past the phase of conceptualizing what the organization is meant to represent and achieve, either in the short, medium or long term. You must have also been able to plan for your kick-off funds (which you can also call Take-off fund), more importantly you’ll also need to clearly outline your sources of funds to keep the organisation going, either wholly funded by you or it could also rely on donations from individuals and corporate institutions etc, which is what is mostly obtainable across the world.
Below are some key steps (not all, as we intend to keep this post short but educative)

Before you can be allowed to operate any Non profit organization (NGO in Nigeria, you must be duly registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). This is to ensure that the government is made aware of your existence and more importantly your operations. At the time of registration, you must also be able to state clearly what the organization represents and what it intends to achieve, where it is located (office address) etc. There are other questions you’ll have to answer in the form you’ll be given, but there’s no need to worry as all you need is to employ the services of a lawyer, who will help guide you through this process.


One of the biggest challenges NGO’s have is funding, and as such it becomes important that founders/initiators or directors of these organizations understand that no one will be willing to donate to your cause if you don’t appear real or serious. Whether be it in business or for non-profit, perception is key. if people have the impression that your organization is non-existent or maybe a dubious one, it will become very difficult for any corporate entity or individual to take you seriously. And one way of improving the look, perception and feel of your NGO, is to get a professionally designed website, which can be done by a Web Design company in Nigeria.

A website for an NGO can serve many purposes asides making you appear genuine, organised and vision driven. It can also serve as an avenue through which kind hearted individuals or institutions can donate money or at-least get informed of the activities of your organization, which could spur many to contribute in one way or the other.

Many companies partner with NGO’s when working on projects like, Women Empowerment Schemes, Youth Skills Acquisition Schemes and Poverty Alleviation Programs etc. But no company will be willing to give you a dime of their money if you don’t appear organised, at-least by having a website (online presence) through which they can see some of your past activities, your core mandate and other relevant information that can help them see if you’re worth partnering with or not.
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Press releases and conferences are sure ways of raising awareness of your NGO, they help in telling people about some of the goals and objectives that your organisation is out to achieve. It is also a vital tool in reaching out to potential partners and donors who might be seeking to find a reputable NGO they can partner with for a project.
Often times owners of NGO’s don’t understand the importance of Press conferences for their organisation, and when they do, they don’t even know how to go about organizing one. As it often involves quite a number of key components, in other for it to be successful and have a lasting impact. As it also entails that you involve Social Media Influencers, Top Journalists and publicists.
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This is one area where many organisations have failed consistently. It entails that you constantly give feed-backs to your Partners and donors. It is more vital because, it helps to build trusts with all the key stakeholders you work with. So as not to make it appear like you only come to them when you need funding or donations.
Not long ago, we were contracted to consult for an NGO owned by a religious body located in Lagos and Accra (Ghana), and after they had highlighted to us there struggles with raising funds. We realized that the major cause of their troubles, was due to the absence of feed-backs. They had no official means through which they can report some of the progress and milestones they had achieved with the funds people had donated before. Thus giving room for doubts to creep in, and after which nobody was interested in putting in more money.

So try to send your donors and partners progress reports either through E-mails, Social Media uploads or by organizing special events to appreciate them and highlight your activities for the year and how their resources have helped in achieving great feats.
You will see that alot of them will be more than willing to support your organization with more resources, as with the case of the NGO owned by the Religious body mentioned above who where able to increase their revenue base from donations, by over 300% within the space of 18 months.

In conclusion, operating an NGO is never an easy task, as it requires quite alot of resources and devotion to keep it alive, but if you work with the right set of people and ensure that you do all that is expected of you, it can really help you leave a lasting legacy behind.

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