Hello everyone, our post today will be focused on ways through which one can begin to make money money online through running and operating an Online Store. I mean, a means of livelihood that can be built upon and transformed into a full fledged career. Please bear in mind that some of these ideas are not totally n, but we intend to talk about them, a bit more in a way that will help you understand not just how it works, but also how to possibly start-up within the shortest possible time. So pay attention as I explain How To Make Money Online In Nigeria ‘E-commerce Edition’

Yes, i know what you’re thinking already. E-commerce is strictly for big corporations with loads of money to spend. How can i start and even make head-way? But no you’re wrong. And this is because the online space is getting bigger and bigger everyday. And there is a spot for anyone who is willing to put in a decent amount of investment (Mid level at-least). And of course, learn to understand what people want to buy.As people are seeking to buy, from Weavons, Groceries, Fashion wears (Male and Female), Spare parts, Food stuffs, Electronics, Sports and Fitness items etc. So let’s quickly highlight ways and ideas that can help you start and run your own successfully, if you want to know more on How To Make Money Online In Nigeria ‘E-commerce Edition’

A. Build a good E-commerce store/Online Store: This is the heart and soul of your Business, so ensure that you go the extra mile to design something of great quality. You’ll need the service of a Web Design Company in Nigeria This is even more important for a new or relatively unknown E-Commerce store( Like yours), as there are many people who have been defrauded in a bid to purchase something online. Which has made it difficult for some people to be convinced towards the idea of buying things from unknown Online stores.
But the good news is that, there are smart ways of Building your Online Store in Nigeria, that will quickly help you win the confidence and trust of intending buyers. As these things are key if you intend to thrive and grow in the business. Below are a few of them.

i. Install Chat App: Installing a Chat App into your E-commerce store is a sure way of improving customer confidence. They are usually at the bottom corner of many Top websites, with a message ‘Chat with our Agent Now’. Chat Apps have proven to be game changers as they give you an edge. They help customers make quick enquiries, which could help convince them to buy from your Online Store (So ensure your Web Developer installs one for you or Hire Newconnect Call or Whatsapp+234 808 970 0958).

ii. Offer freebies: This is a very sure way of convincing first time customers to buy from your store. Giving them discounts, free gifts and freebies. We once encouraged a new Store to give out free soaps whenever someone buys a make-up kit for the first time. It will help to make them loyal customers, as we all like free things.

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B. Outsource Logistics Handling: Yes, this one of the most capital intensive parts of running an E-commerce business. But you don’t need to own your delivery trucks and motor cycles. All you have to do is register with some Tech driven logistics companies popping up now, like GIG Logistics (God is Good), kWIK Logistics and BONCHUX Logistics etc just to name a few.
This ensures that you only have to pay for delivery whenever someone orders something from your online store. So you don’t have to worry about hiring and maintaining a large team to handle your logistics. At-least until you have become so big that you might now need to handle your Logistics in-house.

C. KEEP LOW STOCK: You don’t have to have everything in stock. Focus on having those ones that people regularly request for. Like ladies weavons (Human hair, Indian and Brazilian) are usually very high in demand. you don’t need to have generators and air conditions in stock, except you sell them (in a shop). So ensure that you focus more on those ones that are constantly in demand, while you quickly rush out to purchase those ones that are more expensive and are ordered once in a while.

D. Focus on Online Advertising: Facebook and Instagram Ads have really been key for the growth of many E-Commerce companies both big and small. You cannot afford to pay for radio or video ads, so focus on online ads which can go for very little everyday. Having a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will go a long way in ensuring that whenever someone types in a google search box, ‘How to buy men shoes in Lagos’. Your site will be listed. This will ensure that you continue to make sales from your store.

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So reach-out to us whenever you’re ready to set-up your own E-commerce/Online Store. We’ll advice you from the Design stage to Development and Deployment in a very cost effective manner.

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