Many at times when we come across small business owners, we realize that they don’t understand the importance of branding to their business, and to that effect, many of this businesses struggle and eventually die, as it becomes increasingly difficult overtime to compete in the already crowded market-place. Majorly because they could not distinguish themselves in their line of business, which primarily one of the key things that proper branding does for you.
Many of this small business owners believe that there is a link between successful businesses and strong branding, and sometimes aspire to build a brand that creates similar success for themselves, but at the end you hear them say “oh, that company is big, and we are still small, and so, we don’t need all that branding thing for now, maybe when we become big then we can start branding” . This shallow mindset has in no small measure, killed very promising businesses/ideas, as they struggle to keep up with properly branded entities, whom the average consumer is more comfortable patronizing.

Your brand identity
Branding is simply a way of distinguishing your business from the others. It goes beyond just designing a logo, but rather it also involves creating a unique perception and way people feel whenever they come across your business. It could also represent your promise and commitment to your consumers. It could also be called the business’ ‘identity’, but only on the understanding that it embodies the core of what the business is and its values, not just what it looks and sounds like. Consumers of all sorts of businesses are so sensitive nowadays that they can see through most attempts by companies to gloss, spin or charm their way to sales.

Some of the benefits that a carefully defined brand can bring can sometimes be likened to a scenario of when two people fall in love with each other.

It is always special when consumers connect emotionally with a brand, as it could make them loyal to that brand and therefore lead to increased sales and revenue for the brand.
A strategically built brand also has the ability to sometimes be able to protect your price in times when competitors rely on promotional discounts to drive sales.
You can also leverage on the power of your brand to introduce new offerings or extend your range.
Below are helpful tips that could help you build your brand

You need your Logo and brand colors
It is always important that as you start, you will need to hire a good team to help you design a good logo that reflects your vision for the company or one that sends a special message to you or your target market. It is always important that it is neatly designed and possibly contains your brand color, just the same way you can easily relate color blue to Facebook, and color red to Manchester united.

Create your slogan
It is vital that you create a memorable slogan that expresses your mission and purpose. your slogan or catch phrase also makes it easier for consumers to easily identify your brand even when the name wasn’t called, just like Sterling Bank’s “The one customer bank”or Airtel’s “The smart-phone network”. So do ensure that you take out time to think about it before putting out one or simply hire people who are experienced in brand building.

Building your online platform is crucial
It is no longer news that the average modern day adult cannot do without his/her mobile phone, not just because of calls, but also to browse the internet. Which therefor makes it important for every serious business/brand to have a strong online presence. First and most importantly, you will need to get a professionally designed website, which will serve as your office online to tell people about your business and possibly schedule appointments with,You also need to build a community and also keep them engaged in a manner that will make them interested in your goods or services. It is also wise that you hire experienced digital marketing experts or at least get some training on how to become a pro digital marketer, to ensure that you don’t waste limited resources doing hings the wrong way.

Integrates your brand identity into everything you do.
From branded T-shirts to face caps, note books or souvenirs, it is important that you seize every opportunity to showcase your brand, it helps in making your brand appear more corporate and organized. There is always a better perception of your company/brand when you are for example hired to do some electrical installations, and your team appears at the site with branded overalls and safety helmets. This will help even during negotiation as it gives clients the impression that your brand is organised and well run.

Strive to build long-term relationships with your customers.
Many at times in a desperate bid to make sales and break even in no time, business owners are often tempted to look for short cuts, which sometimes means that they compromise the quality or promised quantity of their goods or service, which in turn will leave that client with a sour taste in their mouth and therefor will make that consumer unwilling to patronize you again. So it is better to build trust and and establish a long term relationship with the client. When consumers trust you, they loyal which could be the difference between survival and demise of a business, especially when faced with very stiff competition.

Innovation is key
Innovation is sometimes a complex word, but could simply be translated as the ability to solve problems/challenges in very smart ways. It is always important that you keep looking for ways to innovate either with your product offerings or in the way and manner you reach out to your consumers. It could either come with you embedding a live chat portal on your website, to enable visitors easily ask your stand-by agents questions in real time and get immediate feed backs or it could also come in form of you re-organizing your production unit to become more cost effective. In a nutshell, your ability to constantly innovate is directly linked to the chances of your brand to survive tough times.

Networking is a vital tool for growth
From, engineering to catering or even artist, networking has always and will continue to be a tested and trusted way of growing your brand. It is important that you get to connect with other people in your field/niche in other to get up to speed with some of the latest trends and ideas that will shape the future of your business. Registering and attending forums,events, seminars or trade fairs are proven ways of connecting and showcasing your brand to potential clients/customers, as it’ll also afford you the opportunity of interfacing with them one on one, and get to get a first hand review of your products. So why not be on the lookout for events around you where you can get to the more people about your products.

Finally it is important to let you know that while it is commendable that you do some of the above listed ideas yourself, it is also wise that you hire some branding experts to help you in areas that requires some level of expertise and experience to be able to reap the full benefits of branding your business.
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