Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing briefly about how one can go about starting a Taxi Hailing business in Nigeria. We’ll focus primarily on the basic things that you must put in place in order to get started in this ever growing market.
First, what is Taxi hailing? It could simply be described as a mode of getting a taxi to your destination without having to go to the bus/taxi park to bargain or stand in a Que. All you simply need is your mobile device with the App of your preferred Taxi hailing company in it. This App will help the passenger locate and hail an available driver/Taxi who will take them to their destination. Also note that this business will require that you hire a reliable Web Design Company in Nigeria
So we’ll quickly discuss how you can start. Please be informed that there are different forms of Taxi hailing business models, with each one requiring a little tweaking here and there to function well.

To start and operate any legitimate business in Nigeria, one must first register such a business with the corporate Affairs commission (C.A.C). This is the body saddled with the responsibility of registering businesses in Nigeria, giving it’s existence a legal backing. You don’t need to bother about how to get this done. All you need to do is to hire a Lawyer who’ll handle all the processes involved for you.

This is the heart and soul of this business. Without a neatly designed Web and Mobile App, you are just joking and wasting your time. As your Mobile Apps (Android, Ios & windows) are the primary mediums through which customers/passengers reach and transact business with you. The UI (User interface) must also be simple and easy to navigate for users of your platform. Your Developers must also ensure high level security algorithms as your platform will be handling loads of sensitive data of your company and it’s drivers and passengers. It is quite a complex task from our experience here at NEW CONNECT. Thereby requiring high level expertise to develop and adapt its features to the Nigerian environment. NEW CONNECT can handle it all for you (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

This is an essential part in the process of building a distinctive feel and look for your Taxi hailing business in Nigeria. People must be able to easily recognize your brand just by seeing your logo or an item associated to your business, like souvenirs. Many startups tend to ignore this and it always comes back to hunt them. You need to create an experience that will bring people back to your platform. Your brand must be able to stand tall and unique from the ever crowded market place. So ensure that you have a substantial budget set aside to hire a team of Branding Expert.

This business as you already know is online based. Where the vast majority of your users are people who spend a sizeable chunk of their time online. And this automatically makes online advertising the most potent tool for reaching potential customers/passengers who might be interested in your Taxi hailing services.
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram etc are very key in driving growth for a Taxi hailing business, but the major challenge here is that;
i. These companies (Facebook, Instagram and co) are constantly changing their algorithms to be in compliance with the ever stringent laws and rules being put in place everyday to curb the perceived excess power this social media giants have over the daily lives of billions of people around the world. Be it in the way they manage personal data of users, or the so called anti-trust concerns.
ii. The social media space is so crowded today in such a manner that people have overtime, developed a very very short attention span. As they continue scrolling, thousands of things posted by people continue to compete for their attention. Thereby making more likely for them to completely ignore any post that cannot grab their attention or communicate with them in a split second.

These 2 points amongst many others makes it of extreme importance that you hire a Social Media Markteting Team to help you communicate with potential customers in a manner that people in the online space can understand and easily relate with.
If you put all the basic things in place and ensure that you stay consistent. You will in no distant time be approached by other investors who would want to become a part of your success story. Thereby attracting investing to your business, which will in turn provide with more resources to scale-up and possibly enter other markets across Africa and the world at large.
We at NEW CONNECT are very experienced in the design and development of Taxi hailing Apps in Nigeria. And we can’t wait to help you plan and bring to life the next big Taxi hailing business out of Africa. Contact us today to get started. Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958

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