Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing a major shift that is taking place, in the courier/logistics business in Nigeria. First and foremost, we need to first understand how courier companies operated before now.
So you’d like to send a wrist watch you just purchased to a loved one who lives in another part of the country. You will need to first locate the office of a reputable and trusted courier company. After which you are to register the Parcel/Item with them with all the relevant details that would be needed to locate the Receiver, who in this case is your loved one. You’ll be told the price you are to pay, based on the weight, distance they are to travel to deliver it and if it will require refrigeration (perishable goods) etc. Then as soon as you settle the bill, they will now proceed to prepare the package for onward delivery.

These days, that process is becoming obsolete for most individuals and companies who are in constant need of courier services. As people now want to sit in their houses and offices, and have the courier company come to pick-up the item before going to deliver. This concept is becoming the norm these days, as consumers now crave for more innovation and speed. People are no longer interested in the old fashioned way of moving either goods or services.
So this is why we’ll explain in this article, HOW TO GET LOGISTICS AND COURIER APPS IN NIGERIA

This is the reason why many top players in the Logistics/courier services business are investing massively in digital tools like web apps and mobile apps specially built for courier business to become a lot more seamless yet secure for customers.

You’ll need the services of a reputable web design company in Nigeria, as you’ll need to work with a team that can help you plan the business flow, and also design and develop the apps, web and mobile. You must ensure that your design team is able to take into considerations key features that users of your apps will need to have a stress free experience while interacting with the apps. Below are a few features that should be included

a. PARCEL TRACKING: This feature is essential as users of your courier apps need to know the delivery status of the items that they have sent out using your services. They must also be alerted if the parcel could not be delivered due to one problem or the other, or rather when the parcel/item has been successfully delivered. So all they will need to do, is to login to their dashboards/user account and then insert the tracking code for that parcel in a search field meant for it, to know if the Parcel is, IN TRANSIT, RETURNED, or SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED.

b. SMS ALERTS: This allows you to automatically notify them of happenings as regards to their parcels. Most especially when you’ll need them to take quick and decisive actions. It could also be used to inform them of exciting deals or new service offerings your company has introduced etc.

c. SUPPORT SYSTEM: This is one area many Nigerian companies have failed to plan for, and as such, it has pushed away many customers or users of their Apps. It is always important that you create an avenue through which people can complain about certain issues they’re having while using your services. It could also be used to report a case of gross misconduct on the part of one of your members of staff. Which will also allow you to take decisive steps to curb the excesses of any erring staff.

b. PAYMENT GATEWAY INTEGRATION: You’ll need to be paid for your service. And as such your developer will need to help you integrate a Payment Gateway that allows users to securely pay via their Verve, Mastercard, Visa Card. This must also be done with security in mind, as you wouldn’t want a situation where the payment details of your firm and that of users of your app will fall into wrong hands.

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