Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing how to go about getting a website for your Event Planning Company in Nigeria. As we all know, the event planning business in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing in the entertainment sub-sector. One which has empowered many young Nigerians and has created job opportunities for thousands out there. But with the ever growing number of people plunging into the business everyday.

It has become even more important that those who want to be in the business for the long run, must be willing to properly brand their businesses and put things in place to help them stand out from the crowd out there.

So briefly, before we tell you how to get a Website for your Event Planning Company in Nigeria. Let’s quickly discuss a few of the advantages of owning one.

    Yes it’s true that many of your clients came through referrals (from satisfied clients), but you can actually have a larger client base if more people who have never met you in person or anyone you’ve serviced, are able to find you online. Do you also know that someone, somewhere, right now is typing “How To get an event planner in Lagos” on their google search box at this moment? Yes there’re thousands of people looking for one thing or the other on the internet and it will be wise that you strategically position yourself to be discovered easily, as you might never know where your next big job will come from.
    I’m sure you reading this might be like some of the clients we have met before, who would say; “But I get clients from my Instagram page, is that not enough?” NO! That is not enough. Your Instagram page is actually not owned by you. Yes, it technically still belongs to Instagram. As anytime they feel like you went against any of their ever changing policies. They reserve the rights to take it down, regardless of how many million followers you already have. But a website is your property and that is the way it will will always be.

A website could be used to neatly and carefully arrange your previous works and also testimonials from satisfied client. Sometimes all people want to see is what you’ve done before and how well it was executed. Your portfolio displayed on your website can make a bride to be who has never met you before, to suddenly pick-up her phone and give you a call. It also has the power to help you get a more favorable bargain during negotiations. They have already seen what you’re capable of doing before even reaching out to you. Thus giving you a good head-start.

Whenever you come in contact with big corporate entities, you’ll notice their reluctance to work with you if they perceive that you’re not a well structured business. A website helps to give your Event planning business that professional look that makes your company appear like one that can handle any size of project. It should always be boldly written on your complimentary cards and souvenirs. No one really wants to work with a road side business, and as such, it is important that you get a website today.

These and many more are the key advantages of owning a website as an Event Planner. Now the question lingering in your mind is ‘how do I get one?’. And the answer is pretty simple. You need an experienced Web Design Company in Nigeria to help you design and develop a professional website (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958). One that is crafted with Event Planning in mind.

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