How to get a Travel Agency website in Lagos, Nigeria


The travel industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. With millions of people travelling from one point to the other either for business, academics or pleassure.
Many amongst which don’t understand how to go about the process of getting the necessary travel documents or how to even book their flight tickets. Which of course makes Travel Agencies a very important arm of the travel and aviation sector.
There so many Travel Agencies in Nigeria today, some of which are profesionals in what they do, while many others are quacks or fraudsters which have bedeviled the industry for a long time. This makes the issue of trust a major factor for many people who intend to engage the services of a Travel Agency. As many have been duped by some of these scam agents.
So below i’ll quickly explain what having a website will do to improve the business of a travel Agency/agent, and how to get one today.


Reach More Clients:
Do you know that someone, somewhere in Nigeria is currently searching google for ‘How to process Canadian Visa & Travel Documents’. There’re thousands of people out there who are searching for a trustworthy travel agent that could help process their travel documents. Which is what having a website can do for you. Connect you to thousands of potential clients across the country. Not everyone will have the time to come to your physical office at first, but they can connect with you via your website, after which you can proceed to schedule an appointment if necessary.

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Brand Perception:
When people see a firm with a professionally built website, they tend to easily see them as a respectable brand. Nobody wants to work with roadside agents anymore. So having a website for your travel agency will not just connect you to potential clients, but it’ll also improve your brand perception. Which could prove crucial when trying to convince some tough clients.


We at NEW CONNECT, have many years of experience in the design and development of websites and Mobile Applications. We also understand the peculiar nature of the travel agency industry, and we’ll bring our knowledge of that when creating a beautiful website that will help improve your business.
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