If you look everywhere across your neighborhood, you will notice numerous Mobile Money agents sprouting in every nook and cranny around your vicinity. They are becoming the preferred choice of many Nigerians who seek to avoid the long queues at the bank premises or ATM stands.

Beyond withdrawal and deposit of money, they also help people pay for their utility bills like power bills and also they subscribe to their cable TV networks like DST V,GOTV and Startimes etc using these agents. This business has been on the rise everyday as they can be readily found everywhere and don’t disappoint like ATM machines that could be regularly out of cash or service.

This is the reason why many brands are also seeking to build Apps (Web & Mobile) that can help people perform these tasks just by clicking a few buttons on their Internet enabled devices, from the comfort of their homes or offices. These Apps can perform tasks ranging from payment of power bills, Mobile line recharge, Cable TV subscription and Internet data purchase etc.

It is one of the fastest growing businesses in the online space as the internet penetration in Nigeria has experienced some impressive growth in the last few years and has therefore influenced the growth of and usage of these Utility bills payment Apps.

Below are a few things you must have in Mind when building yours


Easy Navigation of the App

Your users must be able to easily navigate your App to achieve the tasks they intend to perform. They must find the layout and Call To Actions (CTA’s) intuitive enough to be able to get things done in the fastest possible time. If users struggle to navigate the platform, it will inevitably lead to a high uninstall rate of your App and worst of all, you will have a very poor rating online. While this might sound basic, it has actually destroyed many projects like this when not taken seriously.


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This is an essential part of projects like this. As the preying eyes of hackers are in constant search for Apps like this to break into, and do away with sensitive data of your companies or users that they could eventually use to cause havoc. In the event that this happens, it will be a massive setback for your brand and could also lead to your brand having a very bad reputation.



Customer Support System

It is very important that an App like this has a customer support system that could be used to resolve disputes and address issues being experienced by your users. It will also be advisable that you integrate an Advanced Chat Application API into the system to allow for users to chat in real time with your Admin or Customer care agents. This will also reduce the occurrence of users resorting to social media callouts or ranting when they experience difficulties while using your App.


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