Hello everyone, our article today will be discussing the business of owning a classified Ads website like Jiji and co. First, what is a classified Ads website? It is simply a website where people can list items for sale or rent. With the intention of meeting genuine buyers. People can also list their services, like plumbing, carpentry and welding etc. And more recently you can even apply for jobs and so much more.

So now that you have a basic knowledge of what a Classified Ads website in Nigeria means, now let’s quickly discuss how people make money from owning and operating one

How to Make Money With A classified Ads website
There’re numerous strategies for making money from the classified Ads business, but be aware that none of these ideas will work for you if you don’t have a lot of traffic to your website (site visitors either buyers or sellers).

  1. Pay To Post: This method works better when you start by giving people free slots to post their Ads. E.g like giving them 20 free Ads to post whatever Ads they want to post and after which they can now buy more Ad slots. But ensure that they have a good value for their money by ensuring that when they post, they can be sure of getting buyers for their item.
  2. Ads boosting: This method is one of the best sellers in this business, as people can post as many Ads as possible. But will only pay if they want their Ads boosted. This means that when someone searches for “baby shoes” on your site, it will put the boosted Ads at the very top of the search result thereby making them more likely to be clicked for further details. And as long as people who paid for their Ads to be boosted continue to get value for their money in terms of patronage of their listed items, they will continue to pay and you’ll continue to make money.
  3. There are a few other ways to make money but we’ll need to stop at these 2 for now in other to keep this post short but educative.

How to get your own Classified Ads website in Nigeria Today

Web Design/ Development Team: You’ll need the services of an experienced web design company in Nigeria. As building a functional and easy to operate Classified Ads website can sometimes be a bit complicated. As it requires a high level of expertise and neat designs for it to function seamlessly. It is also wise that you request to see at least one previous job of the web design company in Nigeria that you’re going to hire.

Social Media Marketing: This is of extreme importance as you know that this business thrives on the volume of people that comes to your site. Nobody will pay you to boost or post Ads on your site if the traffic to your website is low. So do ensure that your hire an experienced Social Media Marketing Team to help you drive traffic to your Classified Ads website.

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