Often times Small businesses are usually confused on how to go about the task of getting a website for their businesses, as it could sometimes get a little tricky when they see different web design companies promising to build them a website with very low budgets.Sometimes some could promise something as low as N20,000 and then the businesses are often tempted to think, ‘oh this is a great deal, we’ll just accept it. After all what we just want is a website.

In this post we’ll try to give you some helpful tips on how to setup your on website for your business and also try to highlight some of the mistakes any business owner, big or small must try to avoid.

Get a custom Domain
This is important as some people are often times tempted to think that they can start with a free domain name and later on upgrade, but you know, these free domain names come with extensions like .wordpess.com or .blogspot.com so for example when you get their free domain what you will have will be something like www.lawyerchamber.blogspot.com. On seeing that extension on your web address no potential client/customer will take you seriously, as you could not even afford to buy your own domain name, then they begin to wonder how such an extablishment would be able to offer quality service to them. So it’s advisable that from the very beginning you get your own custom domain name, which sets the tone for a business that is really driven by purpose. It will also make your business appear more professional and also encourage people to give you a try. So just incase you don’t know how to go about the process of getting a domain name as there are some other technicalities you might need to consider while registering one, it is also wise to get a competent hand to help you get a domain name.

Choose a suitable Hosting plan
As soon as you get to this stage, it is important to note that there are many hosting companies out there, and there are also many hosting plans to choose from. Which brings us to the need to carefully choose a hosting plan. As the nature of website you intend to build for your business will determine the type of hosting plan that will be suitable to it. For example a website which will need to process payments and also store or contain sensitive customer data like card details, will need a more secure hosting plan, and also a site that will need to handle so many picture or video uploads like E-commerce and music download site respectively will need to be not just secure but also have a very high disk space (for storage). So choose carefully or you could get a third party to help you with the selection and purchase of a suitable hosting plan for your web project.

Define your budget
Like with every other project, it is wise to set aside a budget for your website design/development. Just like we hinted briefly at the beginning of this post, you will come across people promising very low prices to help you develop your website. While this is not bad but could sometimes leave you frustrated and cheated at the end of the day. There are many things that goes into every professionally designed website you see out there from quality graphics, content writing, or search engine optimization (seo), down to features that have to do with functionalities of the site, for example we once recommended to a client that we designed and integrate a chat portal in their website which will pop-up as soon as a visitor logs into their website. This was to enable them chat real time with the site visitor, and get feedbacks instantly. Overtime the client called back to appreciate our recommendation as it helped to build trust which was initially lacking in their line of business (REAL ESTATE). Yes it cost them more but it transformed their business in no time. So before you jump on offers or set out to build your website always consider all the necessary things that you would need your website to do for your business and set aside a commensurate budget for it.

Get a reliable Web design/Development company
This is more or less the most crucial part of the process. It is important that you are cautious when entrusting the task of building your website to anyone. There are a number of things you might want to consider, for example their previous jobs, that is projects they have completed also the way and manner in which they answer your questions or talk to you will make you know if they have a culture of ensuring customer satisfaction or not, as that is important in the event that you need a few things to be fine-tuned or adjusted to your taste (based on initial agreements). Most importantly, ensure that you are not carried away by cheaper pricing as cheap doesn’t always mean useful. So take your time and never be in a rush it’s your project remember.

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