Hello everyone, our topic today will be centered on the events unfolding before us. The Corona Virus pandemic has really grounded the global economy. Schools have been shut down, Sports tournaments postponed or canceled, Borders are been shut, Factories are closing while some companies have asked their workers to work from home. But amidst these strange happenings, one thing has become clear. Every business MUST BE ONLINE NOW TO SURVIVE.

Yes, many businesses who have online presence are still able to stay afloat and attend to their customers. Companies with websites, are still taking orders and are delivering them to the doorsteps of their customers. How can your company survive times like this if you don’t have a website through which people can get to know what your company offers and how to get them?

Never before has the importance of owning a website been so glaring, as people have been ordered to self isolate (Stay Indoors). Which means that most people will not be able to come to your physical office location as the fear of contracting corona virus fills the air.
Churches and Mosque have been asked to shutdown as a result of social distancing measures, been put in place by the government to curb the spread of the virus. But many with neatly built websites (online platforms) where still able to hold their services online, which was watched by millions across the world.

Now is the time for you (Business man/woman, Entrepreneur and Startup Founder etc.) to invest in a professionally built websites, which will allow you to still be able to run your business, irrespective of your location or any situation that could stop you from opening your physical offices. But first, you’ll need the expertise of a trusted Web Design Company In Nigeria

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