Hello everyone, today we’ll be addressing an issue that often seems confusing for many people. While it is a great move for one to invest in a Tech-startup, Business idea or project that would require the expertise of a Web developer. It can often times become complicated if one is unable to partner with a reliable and competent Web design Company in Nigeria. Though there’re no generally accepted yardsticks for judging the best in the business or in Choosing the best Web Design Company in Nigeria. But below are some things you must look out for in selecting a Competent Web design Company in Nigeria for your project or startup.

BUSINESS UNDERSTANDING: Yeah, that’s right. Every Web or Mobile App project is fundamentally a tool that should help a business grow. It should help connect you to clients and customers, and most importantly help re-position your brand. Now when working on a Web project, it is very important that you smartly access the Business understanding of the team you intend hiring. Else they’ll end up building cute looking Apps (Web and Mobile) that don’t help your business in anyway. To further explain this, permit me to use our own firm, NEW CONNECT as an example.
We recently had a client who wanted to build a Logistics App, and thought the idea of having a map that could allow users to see the current location of the driver who is coming to pickup their parcel was what he wanted. Yeah great idea and one that sounds like a cool feature. But our Business consultancy team thought otherwise and advised that the idea be excluded, taking into consideration that the client intends starting with just 1 (One) bike for pickups and deliveries. Which means that when a user who stays in Ikorodu (Lagos)for example, orders for a parcel pickup, they will see that the dispatch rider (Driver) is coming all the way from the Victoria Island (Lagos). Which in-turn means that it will take a really long time to reach the Users address, thus giving room for the possibility of many people cancelling their Pick-up Orders. And you know that is not good for business.
So the point is, when picking a Web Design Company in Nigeria, it’s always important to access their understanding of the unique nature of your business, else you risk paying for a project that creates problems more than it solves any.


Customer Relations: This is essential for the success of every project. You must take out time to access the way and manner in which they handle your enquiries, suggestions and even fears. Remember that it’s your project after all. And if it will help you achieve your desire goals, the Web development team must be willing to patiently listen to your ideas in order to better advise and direct you. They must inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of your ideas and approach, both on the short and long term.

There’re so many other vital traits that you must look out for before choosing a Web Design Company in Nigeria, but in other to keep this post short but informative, we’ll stop here for now. While we wait for you to CONTACT US for your next Web and Mobile Apps Project
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