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In the world we live in today were innovation and creativity are consistently needed in building a brand, we’re proud to say that we have worked with many companies and Start-ups in building a recognizable and Marketable brand
Building a brand sometimes sounds easy to do. Building a strong, successful brand that has the capacity to stand the test of time, people, and competitors? Now that’s a different story.

At New Connect, we view brands like pieces of architecture, Yes architecture we say, if a brand can’t handle an earthquake here and there, there is very little chance it will survive turbulent times as they are bound to come. The “earthquakes” of our technology-driven, fast-paced modern world can be anything from changing trends to changing politics. And if your brand can’t keep up, then it could spell doom for you.


  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Innovation



The first thing we do at New Connect, is to take and understand your brief, as it is a very vital stage, in which our team gets to sit down with yours and try to understand what you intend to achieve your company/start-up. We also seize this opportunity to advice you on the way to go, which will also enable you to make a well informed decision.


The next stage of work is to commence research and planning, in other to ensure that we recommend and implement only the best ideas for your project. It then becomes important that we assist you in the process of identifying the people who might be interested in your goods or services. Are they nursing mothers? or Brides to be, who might be planning a wedding?


This step is sometimes one of the most important as it requires a great deal of expertise We have a team of highly talented graphic designers and visual artists who will help in the creation of your logo, picking of color schemes and also guide you through the process of putting together a good mission statement and tagline that truly represents all that your brand stands for.


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