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How To Get Bus Booking Apps For Transportation Companies In Nigeria

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of NEW CONNECT’s BUSINESS ARTICLE. Our topic today will be on the emergence of new technological tools that are disrupting the Transportation Sector.
For many years the way we book a bus ticket was pretty much the same. As all people had to do was to go to a bus station or terminal to buy one. This worked for many decades and is still very much the primary way of buying tickets today.

Fast forward to just slightly over 10 years ago, where new AI (Artificial Intelligence) is taking disruption of various sectors to a whole new level. Consumers across the world now want goods and services in a better, faster, cheaper and more convenient manner, all at the same time.
This new thirst for innovation birthed the ride hailing Apps like Uber and Lyft etc which gave people the power to hail a taxi, even while still seated in their homes or offices. And as the years went by, Transportation companies (Intra and Inter State) realized that it was also key to innovate and give more power to travelers, to not only book a bus ticket from anywhere, just by the push of a button, but to also be able to see what bus type has been set aside for the journey. So pay attention as we discuss How To Get Bus Booking Apps For Transportation Companies In Nigeria

For many Transportation companies that have built Web and Mobile Apps integrated with Advanced Bus Booking features, they have noticed a massive jump in the amount of tickets sold out, and their ability to attract millennials who spend most of their spare time on their Mobile devices. Many of them students returning to school or NYSC participants who are going to states where they have been posted to serve.
So we’ll quickly discuss how a Company can get their own functional Bus Booking App in Nigeria and things they must have in mind when going for one.

As you already would suspect, you’ll need the services of an experienced Web Design company in Nigeria. They would need to ensure that some key features are developed within the Web and Mobile Bus Booking App, in other to ensure that you get the best value for your investment.

a. SEAT SELECTION AND RESERVATION: This is one of the most important feature a modern Bus Booking App must have. It helps the transportation company to eliminate the occurrence of an age long challenge, that has be-deviled the Inter-state transportation business. As often times passengers start fighting amongst themselves over who sits where and why. This had led to confusion many times at parks, as sometimes employees of the transport company are culpable. With some of them reserving a seat for anyone who agrees to give them a token. As many people are always running away from sitting at the back, while most prefer window sits, to have a better view of the scenery of the cities they are travelling through to their destination. Which is why the Seat selection and reservation feature is extremely vital to Apps like this. As it gives travelers the ability to select their own preferred sits without having to settle anybody or fight for that matter. It is simply a case of first come first serve. Sits that have been taken will have a color indicating that they have been booked, while those ones that are still available will also have colors to show that they are still available.

b. MULTIPLE PAYMENTS OPTIONS: This is essential for the successful deployment and usage of Bus Booking Apps in Nigeria. Online Bookers must be provided multiple payments option. Be it Verve, Visa or Mastercard, travelers should be able to pay seamlessly and securely for their sits. It will also be wise to integrate other virtual currency Payment Gateways like Paypal and Perfect Money etc. So as to ensure that all travelers are catered for.

C. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Now you’ve built your Apps. You’ll also need to ensure that people are carried along. You need to take your products and services to them. And one easy way to achieve that is to take it to social media, where many people spend a lot of their time. You will need the expertise of a Social Media Marketer in Nigeria so as to be able to communicate with people in a language that they can connect with and over time become loyal customers of your brand. You’ll need to constantly engage with them in other to also better understand areas where you could improve your services.

Finally many key players in the inter-state transportation sub-sector are beginning to invest in digital tools that helps to serve customers better and also operate as a modern transportation company. But a few others still don’t understand the importance of these investments, which means that they will be left behind in this modern era where innovation is a major key for the survival of any business to thrive and flourish.

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