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How To Get Web Design Training In Alimosho, Lagos

Hello everyone, today we’ll discuss how you can become a web designer in a matter of weeks. As you all know, we live in a digital world, where information sharing and communication is primarily done through the internet. Many Companies, NGO’s, Churches and government institutions etc, are all going online with their goods and services. Which translates to a very high demand for Web designers/Developers in Lagos, Nigeria.

The corona Virus pandemic that took the world by surprise further highlighted the need for companies and businesses to get websites of their own. As lock downs declared in most parts of the country meant that most offices were not allowed to open. But for many with websites, all they had to do was to attend to client online. Which means that the Web Developer have become even more important today.

Many Web developers are never really affected by distance as they can work from anywhere, and build projects for clients anywhere, get paid and then move on to attend to the next client.

So how do you start your Web Design/Development Journey in Alimosho Lagos state?

You’ll need a team like us NEW CONNECT, with vast experience in the Web Design/Development training in Alimosho, Lagos State. We’ve Designed a very practical Course that will take you through fundamentals of web design and arm you with the right quality of knowledge.

SEO (Search engine optimization)


6 WEEKS (2 days a week)

N60,000 Which also includes your certificate.

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How To Get A Mobile App For Your Business In Nigeria

Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing the advantages of having a Mobile App for your online business in Nigeria and how to get one today.
Often times many people wonder why they hear companies announce to the public things like “Download our Mobile Apps from the Android Playstore and Apple Store for Ios Devices respectively”. The question that beckons is usually simple. What is the need for a Mobile App and why is it so important for businesses? There are many answers to that question. But we’ll only discuss just 2 of them today in other to keep this post short, but yet informative.
Below are some of the advantages of having a Mobile App for your business.


A Mobile App makes it easier for people to patronize your goods and services. As most people spend more time with their Smart phones (Android, Ios and windows etc) than they do with their laptops/desktop devices. Thus making it important that you create an App to specifically tend to the needs of people who will be accessing your site from smart phones. Your customers/client will literally be walking around with your business tool/solution in their pocket and with the ability of being able to connect with you at anytime.
A Mobile App will make it a lot more seamless for them to easily move across your website/web portal, As the user experience is usually way better. Thereby helping you increase the possibility of people paying for your goods or services. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)


Whenever people see a company with a Mobile App of it’s own. There’s always that feeling of the company being a big leading brand. People generally believe that for a company to have it’s own Mobile App specially dedicated to serving the needs of it’s customers and clients. It must be a competent brand that understands the value of quality customer service.
It helps to elevate the status of your brand and set you apart from the ever crowded market place. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)


Now your question will be, ‘How to get a Mobile App for your business in Nigeria?’
You need a competent Mobile App development company in Nigeria. One that will be able to understand the peculiarity of your business and how to translate that knowledge into a neatly designed Business Tool that will help to improve the profitability of your business.

We @ NEW CONNECT (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958) have many years of Designing and Developing Mobile Apps under our belt. From E-commerce, Classified Ads site, Taxi Apps, Food Delivery Apps, Online Tv Apps and Logistics Apps etc. We can build it all, as we can boast of having a strong team of vastly experienced Mobile App Developers, who’ll take your brief, and then proceed to help you plan and guide you through the processes of picking key features for your projects. While ensuring that you enjoy a comprehensive after service support.
Why delay that your great idea from becoming the next big tech startup out there? when all you need do now is Contact US TODAY (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

Post created by NEW CONNECT. An innovative ICT company, we offer services ranging from Web Design/Development, Mobile Apps Development, Research and Business Consultancy,Digital Marketing, Branding and Multi Media Services etc.

How To Get A Digital Marketing Company In Nigeria

Hello Everyone, our topic today will be addressing the need to employ the services of a Digital Marketing Company in Nigeria and how to go about getting one. The advertising world has evolved rapidly over the last 20 years. From what used to be primarily focused on TV, Radio and Newspaper Ads, have today become more online driving. And this is not far from the fact that most people around the world, spend a greater amount of their time surfing the web with an internet enabled device. People now spend a lesser amount of time watching TV and reading Newspapers compared to being on social Networks like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram etc.

This new development thereby makes it very important that every business must have a strong online presence to be ahead in their sector and grow their business. And this starts from having a professionally built website to ensuring that you hire a good Digital Marketing Company in Nigeria to manage your social media accounts.
Below are the advantages of having properly setup social media accounts, managed by a Digital Marketing company for your business.


Just like we mentioned earlier, many people spend a large amount of their time moving from Facebook to Instagram and later to Twitter and YouTube. This means that for any company out there that intends to promote its goods and services. Such a company must ensure that they are active across social networks in other to capture the attention of potential customers/clients who spend a lot of time online. You also need a team that understands the different strategies that could be deployed to get people’s attention and help you raise awareness of your brand. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)


Having well managed social media accounts can help to target people who are most likely to need goods or services that you offer. This is done through ADS TARGETING, where you can target people in a certain demography or have a specific interest. For example, Marketing of baby diapers would be better targeted at nursing mothers and pregnant women, basically because they are more likely to buy them in comparison to men in their 20’s. The deployment of this strategy will be better understood by an experienced Digital Marketing Company, who understand how the online social community works. And more importantly, know how to communicate with them. Thereby helping your brand to increase sales and revenue.


People tend to become a lot more loyal to a brand when they feel like that brand understands them and is in constant communication with them. Your social media accounts are usually the first point of call for many businesses when people want to make enquiries or resolve a complaint. They want to feel like you can easily be reached to attend to their urgent needs. They also want to see you react to social issues like offering your condolence to people who where affected by a fire outbreak or building collapse. They also expect their beloved brand to celebrate with them during important public holidays like Independence day celebrations and Mothers day etc. All the above mentioned are things that can help to make people feel a lot more attached to a brand, thereby improving brand loyalty. (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

These above mentioned are just 3 of many other vital reasons why every company must get experienced Digital Marketing Company in Nigeria to help with the day to day management and maintenance of your social media accounts. Or you could seek to be trained to become a certified Digital Marketer in Nigeria.

We @ NEW CONNECT (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958) are vastly experienced in the creation and management of Digital accounts for small, medium and large scale companies. We’ll help to increase the followership of your accounts, but most importantly, ensure that it also translates into higher patronage for your business.
Why waste more time when all you need do is Contact Us Today to get started (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

Post created by NEW CONNECT. An innovative ICT company, we offer services ranging from Web Design/Development, Mobile Apps Development, Research and Business Consultancy,Digital Marketing, Branding and Multi Media Services etc.

Corona Virus- How To Take Your Business Online In Nigeria

Hello everyone, our topic today will be centered on the events unfolding before us. The Corona Virus pandemic has really grounded the global economy. Schools have been shut down, Sports tournaments postponed or canceled, Borders are been shut, Factories are closing while some companies have asked their workers to work from home. But amidst these strange happenings, one thing has become clear. Every business MUST BE ONLINE NOW TO SURVIVE.

Yes, many businesses who have online presence are still able to stay afloat and attend to their customers. Companies with websites, are still taking orders and are delivering them to the doorsteps of their customers. How can your company survive times like this if you don’t have a website through which people can get to know what your company offers and how to get them?

Never before has the importance of owning a website been so glaring, as people have been ordered to self isolate (Stay Indoors). Which means that most people will not be able to come to your physical office location as the fear of contracting corona virus fills the air.
Churches and Mosque have been asked to shutdown as a result of social distancing measures, been put in place by the government to curb the spread of the virus. But many with neatly built websites (online platforms) where still able to hold their services online, which was watched by millions across the world.

Now is the time for you (Business man/woman, Entrepreneur and Startup Founder etc.) to invest in a professionally built websites, which will allow you to still be able to run your business, irrespective of your location or any situation that could stop you from opening your physical offices. But first, you’ll need the expertise of a trusted Web Design Company In Nigeria

We @ NEW CONNECT are highly experienced in the Design and Development of any kind of Websites, Mobile Apps and Softwares etc. We’ll help you design and Develop a website that will make it easy for people searching for your goods and services to easily reach you. A website that truly reflects what your brand really stands for.
Why delay any further when you can simply CONTACT US now to get Started Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958

Post created by NEW CONNECT. An innovative ICT company, we offer services ranging from Web Design/Development, Mobile Apps Development, Research and Business Consultancy,Digital Marketing, Branding and Multi Media Services etc.
We’re eagerly looking forward to working with you on your next project.
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How To Get A Website For Real Estate business in Nigeria

Hello everyone, our topic today will be centered on some of the challenges that have faced Real Estate business operators. And how to go about getting a website for your Real Estate business, amongst a few other ideas that we’ll be discussing. As we all know, real estate in Nigeria is a very lucrative venture most especially if you really understand how the business works. But just like every other business in Nigeria, it has battled with its own fair share of challenges from time immemorial.

Be it the very high interest rate from banks or inability to even access loans when they are desperately needed, to the challenge faced when developing or renovating a property and you have to battle with area boys popularly referred to as ‘Omonile’ down to the issue of trust from potential clients etc.
There are obviously a few other reasons that i have not mentioned, but for the purpose of the angle i will like to treat today, we’ll focus on one topic that is the ultimate in virtually every industry today, and that is the issue of “TRUST”.

The truth we all know and can never shy away from is the fact that whenever you have any business that seems to be doing well in Nigeria, you must expect the invasion of that business by fraudulent, dishonest and quacks. Many people at one point in time have encountered mischievous Real Estate Agents, either when looking for an office space, Accommodation, or even a Land to purchase etc. There has been many well documented cases where one Agent will collect money from 50 different clients for a building that has only 3 vacant Flats, and then disappear into thin air. Some of this cases landed many agents in prison while many others are still on the run.

This situation has led many to have a great degree of distrust for the average Real Estate Agent out there. It has also made it difficult for many genuine ones, most especially young Agents who are passionate about the business and would also like to make a name for themselves, to lose deals that ordinarily should have gone their way. Thus leaving many of them frustrated and a few others have no other choice but to quit the business

And so at this point i will list a few (out of many) ideas that can help transform your real estate business if properly followed and implemented.


Build a Professional Website
Almost every time i come across a client who have come for business consultations, i always ask them first, does your business have a website? And the reason is simple. In the modern and digital age we live in today, it is quite obscene for a business not to have its won online space. It does not just connect your business to a limitless pool of potential customers but it also speaks volume about how serious and organised your business is.

There are many people out there who are looking for office space as i type this post now, but are hoping to connect to a Real Estate agent that can be trusted. And one sure way of doing such is to hire a competent Web Design/Development Team to give you a professional looking website( Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 NEW CONNECT). This will help you build a brand that appears respectable and trustworthy.


Build a good Social Media Following
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc to name a few are sites/platforms where many people spend a very high percentage of their time on a daily basis. Thus making the effective use of this platforms, a very strategic and resourceful means of reaching out to potential customers/clients. This goes beyond posting pictures of apartments, office spaces or plots of land for sale, but rather it requires the creative ability of an experienced DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT, (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 NEW CONNECT) to help convey the message of your brand in the most effective and engaging manner that will not just help to significantly increase the number of your social media following, but also help turn followers into customers. A few others might prefer to operate their social platforms themselves, which makes important that you at least get a sound DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958 NEW CONNECT). It is also wise that you explore other traditional channels through which you can engage prospects, like magazine/newspaper Ad, Radio or even Television if you can afford it.


Trust indicators
Nothing beats the scenario where a potential client logs unto your website and see at the bottom of your site that you’re duly registered and a certified member of the body relevant to your line of business (Real Estate in this case). It helps to build their confidence as they know fully well that most fraudsters avoid joining associations and registrations with relevant agencies so as to make it more difficult to track them as soon as they have duped an unsuspecting victim. So endeavor to register your Real Estate business today, and also show it off, at your office where clients can easily see it and also on your website.

Endorsements and Testimonials
Have you noticed the sharp increase in the amount of Real Estate Companies that have signed one or more brand ambassadors? This is unlike before where most Real Estate firms used to believe that it wasn’t a necessity. But times are changing and the competition is becoming a lot more dynamic, which have forced many firms in this sectors to start signing OAPs (on air personalities), Musicians, Comedians and Actors etc as brand ambassadors to help utilize their impressive following online and offline to lure customers/clients. But more key is the improvement in their Trust Score the Real Estate firm will gain when the face of a notable celebrity is attached to their brand.

This is a good idea, but one that many smaller or up-coming Real Estate Agents/firms would struggle to implement, as it cost a significant amount of money to sign a recognizable celebrity to become the face of your brand. So one idea that can also work the magic for you is to constantly show off TESTIMONIALS of your satisfied Customers on your Website and across your social media handles. Many people would want to do business with you if only you can show them others who have given your goods/service a try and have something positive to say.

While there are many other ideas that a big or small Real Estate Agency can deploy, we’ll only be able to treat just a few today, so as not to make this post too long, (Nigerians are not patient readers lol), but you can always reachout to us for business consultations.

Post created by NEW CONNECT. An innovative ICT company, we offer services ranging from Web Design/Development, Mobile Apps Development, Research and Business Consultancy,Digital Marketing, Branding and Multi Media Services etc.
We’re eagerly looking forward to working with you on your next project.
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How To Get An Event Planning Website In Nigeria

Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing how to go about getting a website for your Event Planning Company in Nigeria. As we all know, the event planning business in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing in the entertainment sub-sector. One which has empowered many young Nigerians and has created job opportunities for thousands out there. But with the ever growing number of people plunging into the business everyday.

It has become even more important that those who want to be in the business for the long run, must be willing to properly brand their businesses and put things in place to help them stand out from the crowd out there.

So briefly, before we tell you how to get a Website for your Event Planning Company in Nigeria. Let’s quickly discuss a few of the advantages of owning one.


    Yes it’s true that many of your clients came through referrals (from satisfied clients), but you can actually have a larger client base if more people who have never met you in person or anyone you’ve serviced, are able to find you online. Do you also know that someone, somewhere, right now is typing “How To get an event planner in Lagos” on their google search box at this moment? Yes there’re thousands of people looking for one thing or the other on the internet and it will be wise that you strategically position yourself to be discovered easily, as you might never know where your next big job will come from.
    I’m sure you reading this might be like some of the clients we have met before, who would say; “But I get clients from my Instagram page, is that not enough?” NO! That is not enough. Your Instagram page is actually not owned by you. Yes, it technically still belongs to Instagram. As anytime they feel like you went against any of their ever changing policies. They reserve the rights to take it down, regardless of how many million followers you already have. But a website is your property and that is the way it will will always be.


A website could be used to neatly and carefully arrange your previous works and also testimonials from satisfied client. Sometimes all people want to see is what you’ve done before and how well it was executed. Your portfolio displayed on your website can make a bride to be who has never met you before, to suddenly pick-up her phone and give you a call. It also has the power to help you get a more favorable bargain during negotiations. They have already seen what you’re capable of doing before even reaching out to you. Thus giving you a good head-start.

Whenever you come in contact with big corporate entities, you’ll notice their reluctance to work with you if they perceive that you’re not a well structured business. A website helps to give your Event planning business that professional look that makes your company appear like one that can handle any size of project. It should always be boldly written on your complimentary cards and souvenirs. No one really wants to work with a road side business, and as such, it is important that you get a website today.


These and many more are the key advantages of owning a website as an Event Planner. Now the question lingering in your mind is ‘how do I get one?’. And the answer is pretty simple. You need an experienced Web Design Company in Nigeria to help you design and develop a professional website (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958). One that is crafted with Event Planning in mind.

New Connect Global Resources Ltd is a Web Design Company with many years of experience in the Design and Development of all kinds of websites. And we’ll be glad to help you through the process of building a website that will help to attract customers and client from far and near. Thereby helping to drive the growth of your Event Planning business.
Contact us Today to get started (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

Post created by NEW CONNECT. An innovative ICT company, we offer services ranging from Web Design/Development, Mobile Apps Development, Research and Business Consultancy,Digital Marketing, Branding and Multi Media Services etc.

How To Start Your Online News Website In Nigeria

Hello everyone, our article today will be based on the opportunities in the ever growing online space for News and information sharing. This is not about your typical Blog but an Online News Website.
Many people seem to mis-understand the concept of having a regular Blog and running a neatly built Online News Website. So in other not to take more time let’s quickly discuss the advantages of having a News Website


Income Generation:
This is probably the most important aspect for any entrepreneur out there. The ability to generate income from what you do is of huge importance. The opportunities for income generation for an Online News website in Nigeria is limitless. But it requires a level of smart investment and consistent work for your News Website to become a profitable channel for generating income. 2 strategies will be discussed later in this article.


One of the biggest advantages of Online News websites is that if properly run, you can have a very large follower base. That is, people will constantly read your contents and make it part of their daily routine. This makes it easy for you to send out information, your ideas and thoughts too.

How To Make Money From Online News Website

Sponsored Posts:
This is becoming one of the biggest sources of revenue for most news Websites in Nigeria. As many people who discover that your News Website has a large following will want to post a promotional post/article on your website. The posts could be to promote a product/service, A song or Movie Premier. Sometimes a political campaign could also be put up for promotion. The fees could range from N20,000 – N100,000 per sponsored post, depending on the daily traffic (audience) your News website enjoys. So imagine that you charge N50,000 per sponsored post and you’re able to get 20 of that a month, that’s a cool N1,000,000 in your Bank Account monthly. It can even be way more than this depending on the amount of work that you put into the site.
(To get started, Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)


Google Adsense:
This is one of the oldest strategies for monetizing your News Website in Nigeria. But one that requires strict adherence to google’s ever changing policies. This is a major money spinner anytime anyday. Only if you’re prepared to put in the amount of smart and consistent work required. Though to be honest, you’ll also need some level of guidance and mentorship to succeed in getting your Adsense and also to make money from it.
There are a few other strategies for making money but we’ll not be able to discuss all of them in order to keep this post as short as possible.

How You can Get your Online News Website in Nigeria

Web Design/Development:
Like i mentioned earlier in this article, this is not talking about your regular blog. But something more sophisticated and one that can be built into a respected media brand. To setup, you’ll need the expertise of a reputable and experienced Web design Company in Nigeria, to help you Design and Develop a professional looking News website that will keep site visitors coming back.
Your News website must be designed in an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly manner. It should also have social sharing features that makes it easier for people to share your site content with their social media friends and followers, thereby getting you more traffic. These are just 2 of many key features that your News Website must have to help it become an Income generating platform within the shortest possible time.

We @ NEW CONNECT are experienced in the design and development of News Websites that come with great features. Ones that are equipped with all the necessary tools needed to help you grow into a reputable News Brand.
So why not Contact Us Today to get started (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

Post created by NEW CONNECT. An innovative ICT company, we offer services ranging from Web Design/Development, Mobile Apps Development, Research and Business Consultancy,Digital Marketing, Branding and Multi Media Services etc.
We’re eagerly looking forward to working with you on your next project.

How To Get a Classified Ads Website in Nigeria

Hello everyone, our article today will be discussing the business of owning a classified Ads website like Jiji and co. First, what is a classified Ads website? It is simply a website where people can list items for sale or rent. With the intention of meeting genuine buyers. People can also list their services, like plumbing, carpentry and welding etc. And more recently you can even apply for jobs and so much more.

So now that you have a basic knowledge of what a Classified Ads website in Nigeria means, now let’s quickly discuss how people make money from owning and operating one

How to Make Money With A classified Ads website
There’re numerous strategies for making money from the classified Ads business, but be aware that none of these ideas will work for you if you don’t have a lot of traffic to your website (site visitors either buyers or sellers).

  1. Pay To Post: This method works better when you start by giving people free slots to post their Ads. E.g like giving them 20 free Ads to post whatever Ads they want to post and after which they can now buy more Ad slots. But ensure that they have a good value for their money by ensuring that when they post, they can be sure of getting buyers for their item.
  2. Ads boosting: This method is one of the best sellers in this business, as people can post as many Ads as possible. But will only pay if they want their Ads boosted. This means that when someone searches for “baby shoes” on your site, it will put the boosted Ads at the very top of the search result thereby making them more likely to be clicked for further details. And as long as people who paid for their Ads to be boosted continue to get value for their money in terms of patronage of their listed items, they will continue to pay and you’ll continue to make money.
  3. There are a few other ways to make money but we’ll need to stop at these 2 for now in other to keep this post short but educative.


How to get your own Classified Ads website in Nigeria Today

Web Design/ Development Team: You’ll need the services of an experienced web design company in Nigeria. As building a functional and easy to operate Classified Ads website can sometimes be a bit complicated. As it requires a high level of expertise and neat designs for it to function seamlessly. It is also wise that you request to see at least one previous job of the web design company in Nigeria that you’re going to hire.


Social Media Marketing: This is of extreme importance as you know that this business thrives on the volume of people that comes to your site. Nobody will pay you to boost or post Ads on your site if the traffic to your website is low. So do ensure that your hire an experienced Social Media Marketing Team to help you drive traffic to your Classified Ads website.


Finally if you’re hoping to start your own Classified Ads Website in Nigeria, you’re in the right place as NEW CONNECT GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED will help you Plan Design and Develop a functional classified Ads Websites. One that is easy to operate and designed to compete.
Contact us You can also Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958

Post created by NEW CONNECT. An innovative ICT company, we offer services ranging from Web Design/Development, Mobile Apps Development, Research and Business Consultancy,Digital Marketing, Branding and Multi Media Services etc.
We’re eagerly looking forward to working with you on your next project.

How To Get A Website for An Engineering and Construction Company in Nigeria

Hello everyone, our article today will be discussing the importance of a website for Engineering and Construction Companies in Nigeria. And more importantly how to get one for your firm today.
The Engineering Business is a very vast sector, as there’re many fields in it. From Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering etc. The list goes on and on. These are all huge ventures anywhere in the world. In terms of the potentials inherent in them. But with the ever growing list of Engineering and Construction companies springing up everyday, some of which are technically competent, while some others are quacks. It is becoming increasingly difficult to know who one can work with when they have a project. This leads us to the question, how can people find you?
Yes, your company might be one of the best out there. You might also have a good reputation for delivering quality projects on schedule. But how will a man/woman sitting in his/her office or home somewhere, know that there is a competent company like you in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria. That he/she can work with on a project? And the best answer to that is a Website.


Importance Of A Website For Engineering and Construction Companies


  1. Potential Clients Reach:
    A website is like your online office that is positioned to help tell anyone, anywhere in the world about your company. It makes it possible for people you’ve never met before to reach-out to you for the purpose of engaging your services. Do you know that as you read this article right now. Someone, somewhere is currently typing this keyword in google search query “Best Civil Engineering Company in Lagos”. or “How to find a good construction company in Lagos”? Yes you read it right, the internet has made the world a smaller town, so gone are the days when the only people who can patronize you are people you know physically. Yes you might still need to meet them as some point to finalize a deal. But having your website means that you will constantly be better positioned to getting new clients from anywhere in Nigeria or the world at large.

2. Display of Portfolio:
A website professionally built for your company will avail you the opportunity to display some of your completed projects. This helps to gain the confidence of people who are usually skeptical about your ability to neatly execute their projects. A portfolio section in your website helps to show that you’re not a newbie in the business. In other words that your company is capable of delivery top notch quality. This will go a very long way in helping you convert a website visitor into a paying client.

3. Brand Credibility:
A website gives your company that professional and responsible feel. It tells people that you’re serious about your business. And that you’re not a road-side entity. It makes it easier for a lot of people to trust and respect you. It makes them value you even higher when negotiation starts. Everybody likes to have that feeling that their project is in good hands.
Even if in reality your company is relatively small in terms of the amount of people in your workforce. A website makes you appear bigger. And trust me, that’s exactly what your company needs.

Now that you know some of the usefulness of a Website for an Engineering/Construction Company in Nigeria. lets quickly discuss how you can get one.

How To Get A Website for An Engineering/Construction Company in Nigeria

Web Design and Development Team:
You will need the services of a reliable Web Design Company in Nigeria. To help plan, design and develop a professional looking website, that will help you attract potential clients. The website’s layout must be clean and easy to navigate. It must also have a section where you can display your ‘Testimonial from satisfied clients’. At NEW CONNECT (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)
we’re quite familiar with the peculiar needs of Engineering/Construction Companies. We’re always ready to ensure that we understand the unique vision of each company and give them a design that will help achieve that.
So be it Architecture, Civil or Electrical Engineering etc, we are ready to get your brief and complete your Website Design in no time. Contact us Today to get started (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

Post created by NEW CONNECT. An innovative ICT company, we offer services ranging from Web Design/Development, Mobile Apps Development, Research and Business Consultancy,Digital Marketing, Branding and Multi Media Services etc.
We’re eagerly looking forward to working with you on your next project.

How to get Website for an Oil and Gas firm in Nigeria


Hello everyone, our topic today will be on the need for Oil and Gas firms/ Servicing Firm to own websites. This article was put together to address some of the questions that will constantly receive from our online followers who sometimes want to know if it’s important for an Oil and Gas Firm or Servicing firm in Nigeria to own a website. This as as you already know would start by engaging the services of a trust worthy Web Design Company in Nigeria
So below we’ll briefly discuss some of the advantages and after which we’ll quickly highlight how a company in the Oil and Gas sector could go about getting one for themselves.


Importance Of A Website For an Oil and Gas Company

  1. Brand Credibility:
    There are many people who might want consider the possibility of doing business with your company maybe after a brief interaction at a conference or summit. Most likely, the first thing they might want to do is to look-up your company on the internet to get to know more about you and to even find out if you even exist as a legitimately registered business. It’ll be seen as a red flag for many potential clients or partners, if after surfing the web in a bid to find your companies info and there’s nothing there to actually prove that you exist.
  2. Brand Awareness:
    A Website can be used to create a limitless amount of awareness for your products and services. Many people who have never come in contact with your physical office space or store, might actually get to know more about your company through your website and other social media platforms that you must have synced with it. People like to be sure that they will be patronizing a reliable and competent company for their goods and services.
  3. Dissemination of Critical Information and Portfolio Display:
    In recent times websites have transcended beyond the traditional display of company’s mission statement, Vision and Contact etc. They can now be used to announce vacant positions in the company, dispel rumors about events concerning the company and can also be used to Display the companies list of achievements and projects completed. These things are important as they help to improve the confidence of people. Either a potential partner or client.

How To Get A Website for an Oil and Gas Company in Nigeria?
Web Design Team:
Get a trusted web design company in Nigeria that understands the unique nature of the Oil and Gas business in Nigeria (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958). A team that can take their time to understand your brand and what it truly represents. And most importantly deliver a website that can help portray the image of a technically sound and competent team within your company.
The website should also be equipped with Contact forms put in the right places with carefully arranged categories and menus to make navigation around the site smooth and seamless.
We at NEW CONNECT are experienced in the design and development of all kinds of Websites and Mobile Applications, which also includes Websites for Companies in the Oil and GAS Sector and Servicing sub-sector. Contact us Today to get started (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)

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How To Get Taxi Hailing App In Nigeria

Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing briefly about how one can go about starting a Taxi Hailing business in Nigeria. We’ll focus primarily on the basic things that you must put in place in order to get started in this ever growing market.
First, what is Taxi hailing? It could simply be described as a mode of getting a taxi to your destination without having to go to the bus/taxi park to bargain or stand in a Que. All you simply need is your mobile device with the App of your preferred Taxi hailing company in it. This App will help the passenger locate and hail an available driver/Taxi who will take them to their destination. Also note that this business will require that you hire a reliable Web Design Company in Nigeria
So we’ll quickly discuss how you can start. Please be informed that there are different forms of Taxi hailing business models, with each one requiring a little tweaking here and there to function well.

To start and operate any legitimate business in Nigeria, one must first register such a business with the corporate Affairs commission (C.A.C). This is the body saddled with the responsibility of registering businesses in Nigeria, giving it’s existence a legal backing. You don’t need to bother about how to get this done. All you need to do is to hire a Lawyer who’ll handle all the processes involved for you.


This is the heart and soul of this business. Without a neatly designed Web and Mobile App, you are just joking and wasting your time. As your Mobile Apps (Android, Ios & windows) are the primary mediums through which customers/passengers reach and transact business with you. The UI (User interface) must also be simple and easy to navigate for users of your platform. Your Developers must also ensure high level security algorithms as your platform will be handling loads of sensitive data of your company and it’s drivers and passengers. It is quite a complex task from our experience here at NEW CONNECT. Thereby requiring high level expertise to develop and adapt its features to the Nigerian environment. NEW CONNECT can handle it all for you (Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958)


This is an essential part in the process of building a distinctive feel and look for your Taxi hailing business in Nigeria. People must be able to easily recognize your brand just by seeing your logo or an item associated to your business, like souvenirs. Many startups tend to ignore this and it always comes back to hunt them. You need to create an experience that will bring people back to your platform. Your brand must be able to stand tall and unique from the ever crowded market place. So ensure that you have a substantial budget set aside to hire a team of Branding Expert.


This business as you already know is online based. Where the vast majority of your users are people who spend a sizeable chunk of their time online. And this automatically makes online advertising the most potent tool for reaching potential customers/passengers who might be interested in your Taxi hailing services.
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram etc are very key in driving growth for a Taxi hailing business, but the major challenge here is that;
i. These companies (Facebook, Instagram and co) are constantly changing their algorithms to be in compliance with the ever stringent laws and rules being put in place everyday to curb the perceived excess power this social media giants have over the daily lives of billions of people around the world. Be it in the way they manage personal data of users, or the so called anti-trust concerns.
ii. The social media space is so crowded today in such a manner that people have overtime, developed a very very short attention span. As they continue scrolling, thousands of things posted by people continue to compete for their attention. Thereby making more likely for them to completely ignore any post that cannot grab their attention or communicate with them in a split second.

These 2 points amongst many others makes it of extreme importance that you hire a Social Media Markteting Team to help you communicate with potential customers in a manner that people in the online space can understand and easily relate with.
If you put all the basic things in place and ensure that you stay consistent. You will in no distant time be approached by other investors who would want to become a part of your success story. Thereby attracting investing to your business, which will in turn provide with more resources to scale-up and possibly enter other markets across Africa and the world at large.
We at NEW CONNECT are very experienced in the design and development of Taxi hailing Apps in Nigeria. And we can’t wait to help you plan and bring to life the next big Taxi hailing business out of Africa. Contact us today to get started. Call or Whatsapp +234 808 970 0958

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How To get Money Lending Web and Mobile Apps In Nigeria

Hello everyone, our topic today will be on how to go about starting up a Money lending service or short term loan services in Nigeria and build a Mobile App for it also. In recent years there has been a huge surge in the demand of Fintech services in Nigeria. As technology is constantly reshaping the way we transact and go about doing business. With internet penetration on a steady increase across Nigeria, Financial services providers are been forced to innovate to meet customer satisfaction. Which is why we’ll be discussing, How To get Money Lending Web and Mobile Apps In Nigeria

One of the most important pillars of every economy around the world is the MSME’s. Of which many of them also require access to loans to either expand their businesses or buy new equipment and machinery. Which is what has given birth to Fintech companies in Nigeria, who render short term loans to individuals and businesses. Most of which can be accessed within 15-20 minutes, and they can start from as low as N20,000 and reach as high as N5,000,000. Making them the preferred choice for most individuals and small businesses.
There are a number of them operating out there like Paylater (Carbon), Branch, RenMoney, and more recently Quickteller has also launched theirs.
There is no piont discusing how profitable the business is, as it is a sure money maker most especially if well operated with all the necessary quality of human resources, Digital Tools which of course will require the services of a trusted Web Design Company in Nigeria.
To help You get Money Lending Web and Mobile Apps In Nigeria Not forgetting also, the level of Marketing that is needed.
So quickly we’ll briefly highlight some of the most important things that you must put in place to operate one.


OBTAINING OF LICENCES: You must obtain all the necessary licences from the relevant government agencies. This is after you must have properly Registered your company with the C.A.C There’re a number of requirements that you must meet up with which we’ve carefully highlighted in this post ‘ HOW TO GET A MONEY LENDING SERVICE LICENSE IN NIGERIA’. As at the time of putting together this article (January 2020) the CBN Licence that allows you to begin full operations mandates that you have a minimum Deposit of N20,000,000 (Twenty million Naira) amongst a few other requirements. It is also important that we state categorically that it is not advisable that you go about doing this on your own, as it is better done with the expertise of a Lawyer.


GET A WEB AND MOBILE APP: As you already know that this business is technology driven. Which means that you must have very sophisticated Digital Tools at your disposal, with which you’ll monitor and operate your business. Your Web and Mobile App will have to be built with SECURITY, SECURITY and SECURITY in mind. As you’ll be handling an array of very sensitive financial data of people and their businesses, which in turn means that you’ll need to hire a trusted Web Design Company in Nigeria, to give you a beautiful Web and Mobile App design that is also very functional.


MARKETING: You’ll need to aggressively market your Money lending services to Nigerians, And one sure place to find people who will be interested in patronizing your services is social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc will be crucial for the growth and survival of your money lending business. But due to the constant changes that are made by these social media giants in their algorithms. Which is primarily geared towards serving their users better and also to be in compliance with the strict rules and laws of regulatory bodies in the USA and the EU (European Union). It is wiser and more profitable to hire a team of Social Media Managers in Nigeria, to help you push your brand in the online space to carefully targeted audience who might need your services.

Finally there’re a number of other things that we cannot discuss in this article, but as soon as your company is prepared to begin the journey into the Fintech world, We at NEW CONNECT are always ready to help you Design and Develop your Money lending services Web and Mobile Applications.
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How to get Money Lending License in Nigeria

A Money Lending License in Nigeria can be granted to an individual or a corporate body. However, obtaining the money lender license through a duly registered corporate body is more advisable.
There has been a rapid growth in the Fintech Sub-sector of the Nigerian economy, with most small scale businesses preferring the use of their services as they are a have a lesser processing period, with less bureaucracy. Which is why we’ll be discussing How to get Money Lending License in Nigeria

The Money Lending Law of the various states in Nigeria regulates money lending business operation. In this article, We’ll discuss the step for how to get a money lenders license in Lagos State, which starts by making a prescribed application to the Chief Magistrate.

For an individual or company to become a legitimate moneylender, the individual or company must obtain the Money Lender License to practice in Nigeria. Section 4 of the MoneyLenders Law Chapter 7 Laws of Lagos State provides “that a person who lends money at interest or who lends a sum of money in consideration of a larger sum being repaid shall be presumed to be a money lender until contrary is proven”.

Only persons licensed to be moneylenders by the relevant government authority are permitted to operate as moneylenders. One of the major benefits of being a licensed moneylender is that a moneylender can exercise its right in instituting an action in court to recover the principal loan and accrued interest from a defaulting borrower.

In your efforts on How to get Money Lending License in Nigeria, You must also know that this industry is TECH driven and as such, you’ll need to know How To get Money Lending Mobile Apps In Nigeria, which of course will require the services of a Web Design Company in Nigeria.

Requirements for the application of a Money Lending License in Lagos.

A cover letter with the Company seal affixed to it
The official address of the Individual applicant or Company.
Office address of the Individual applicant or Company
Certified True Copy of the CAC Incorporation Documents- CAC 2 & or CAC Form 1.1
Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company
Certificate of Incorporation of the Company
Tax Clearance for the individual applicant or Corporate Body, if it is a company newly incorporated, then provide evidence that the company is a registered taxpayer.
Three-year tax clearance for at least 2 directors of the company where the applicant is a company.
Police Clearance for the Individual applicant or directors of the company
Reference Letter from a commercial bank
Visitation and inspection.
Steps and Procedure for applying for a Money Lending License

An application will be made in the prescribed form to the Chief Magistrate within the magisterial jurisdiction where the business will be carried on with the applicant’s letterhead
Such application shall be supported with the relevant documents.
Upon the application to the Chief Magistrate, the applicant will be issued a letter and Forms B and C.
After obtaining the necessary court documents, the applicant is to make a formal application to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Tourism with the relevant documents.
The Applicant shall make a payment of the official fee into the Lagos State Government Account
The applicant shall also make payment for the Application Form with the Receipt evidencing payment.
The final stage includes the visitation and physical inspection of the intended office by government officials. Upon visitation, if the company in question is already operating in the money lending activities, the books will be inspected in addition to the office.
If the company complies with the statutory requirements and upon the government officials’ satisfaction, the applicant will be issued with the Money Lending License.
Renewal of Money Lending License

Money lending Licenses issued by states has a one-year duration. The license must be renewed annually.

The requirements for the renewal of money lenders license

Application for renewal
Moneylenders ordinance (form B) from Magistrate Court
Duly completed and endorse (form C) from Chief Magistrate court
The previous license issued
Updated tax clearance
Evidence of payment of renewal fee.
Re-visitation and inspection.
In conclusion, it is important for any individual or company who intend to carry on money lending services to obtain the License from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Tourism so as to legitimize the business and also to be entitled to an absolute legal remedy.

Finally, a typical Financial Technology (FINTECH) startup company seeking to engage in money lending business through mobile technology must also obtain a money lending license from each and every state the company intends to carry out its business. And due to several requirements and steps involved in obtaining a money lending license, it is desirable to engage an expert, especially lawyers to undertake the process.
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Choosing the best Web Design Company in Nigeria

Hello everyone, today we’ll be addressing an issue that often seems confusing for many people. While it is a great move for one to invest in a Tech-startup, Business idea or project that would require the expertise of a Web developer. It can often times become complicated if one is unable to partner with a reliable and competent Web design Company in Nigeria. Though there’re no generally accepted yardsticks for judging the best in the business or in Choosing the best Web Design Company in Nigeria. But below are some things you must look out for in selecting a Competent Web design Company in Nigeria for your project or startup.

BUSINESS UNDERSTANDING: Yeah, that’s right. Every Web or Mobile App project is fundamentally a tool that should help a business grow. It should help connect you to clients and customers, and most importantly help re-position your brand. Now when working on a Web project, it is very important that you smartly access the Business understanding of the team you intend hiring. Else they’ll end up building cute looking Apps (Web and Mobile) that don’t help your business in anyway. To further explain this, permit me to use our own firm, NEW CONNECT as an example.
We recently had a client who wanted to build a Logistics App, and thought the idea of having a map that could allow users to see the current location of the driver who is coming to pickup their parcel was what he wanted. Yeah great idea and one that sounds like a cool feature. But our Business consultancy team thought otherwise and advised that the idea be excluded, taking into consideration that the client intends starting with just 1 (One) bike for pickups and deliveries. Which means that when a user who stays in Ikorodu (Lagos)for example, orders for a parcel pickup, they will see that the dispatch rider (Driver) is coming all the way from the Victoria Island (Lagos). Which in-turn means that it will take a really long time to reach the Users address, thus giving room for the possibility of many people cancelling their Pick-up Orders. And you know that is not good for business.
So the point is, when picking a Web Design Company in Nigeria, it’s always important to access their understanding of the unique nature of your business, else you risk paying for a project that creates problems more than it solves any.


Customer Relations: This is essential for the success of every project. You must take out time to access the way and manner in which they handle your enquiries, suggestions and even fears. Remember that it’s your project after all. And if it will help you achieve your desire goals, the Web development team must be willing to patiently listen to your ideas in order to better advise and direct you. They must inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of your ideas and approach, both on the short and long term.

There’re so many other vital traits that you must look out for before choosing a Web Design Company in Nigeria, but in other to keep this post short but informative, we’ll stop here for now. While we wait for you to CONTACT US for your next Web and Mobile Apps Project
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Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing a major shift that is taking place, in the courier/logistics business in Nigeria. First and foremost, we need to first understand how courier companies operated before now.
So you’d like to send a wrist watch you just purchased to a loved one who lives in another part of the country. You will need to first locate the office of a reputable and trusted courier company. After which you are to register the Parcel/Item with them with all the relevant details that would be needed to locate the Receiver, who in this case is your loved one. You’ll be told the price you are to pay, based on the weight, distance they are to travel to deliver it and if it will require refrigeration (perishable goods) etc. Then as soon as you settle the bill, they will now proceed to prepare the package for onward delivery.

These days, that process is becoming obsolete for most individuals and companies who are in constant need of courier services. As people now want to sit in their houses and offices, and have the courier company come to pick-up the item before going to deliver. This concept is becoming the norm these days, as consumers now crave for more innovation and speed. People are no longer interested in the old fashioned way of moving either goods or services.
So this is why we’ll explain in this article, HOW TO GET LOGISTICS AND COURIER APPS IN NIGERIA

This is the reason why many top players in the Logistics/courier services business are investing massively in digital tools like web apps and mobile apps specially built for courier business to become a lot more seamless yet secure for customers.

You’ll need the services of a reputable web design company in Nigeria, as you’ll need to work with a team that can help you plan the business flow, and also design and develop the apps, web and mobile. You must ensure that your design team is able to take into considerations key features that users of your apps will need to have a stress free experience while interacting with the apps. Below are a few features that should be included

a. PARCEL TRACKING: This feature is essential as users of your courier apps need to know the delivery status of the items that they have sent out using your services. They must also be alerted if the parcel could not be delivered due to one problem or the other, or rather when the parcel/item has been successfully delivered. So all they will need to do, is to login to their dashboards/user account and then insert the tracking code for that parcel in a search field meant for it, to know if the Parcel is, IN TRANSIT, RETURNED, or SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED.

b. SMS ALERTS: This allows you to automatically notify them of happenings as regards to their parcels. Most especially when you’ll need them to take quick and decisive actions. It could also be used to inform them of exciting deals or new service offerings your company has introduced etc.

c. SUPPORT SYSTEM: This is one area many Nigerian companies have failed to plan for, and as such, it has pushed away many customers or users of their Apps. It is always important that you create an avenue through which people can complain about certain issues they’re having while using your services. It could also be used to report a case of gross misconduct on the part of one of your members of staff. Which will also allow you to take decisive steps to curb the excesses of any erring staff.


b. PAYMENT GATEWAY INTEGRATION: You’ll need to be paid for your service. And as such your developer will need to help you integrate a Payment Gateway that allows users to securely pay via their Verve, Mastercard, Visa Card. This must also be done with security in mind, as you wouldn’t want a situation where the payment details of your firm and that of users of your app will fall into wrong hands.

The list of features goes on and on. We’ll continue with this conversation when you contact us NEW CONNECT for the Business Planning, Design and Development of Web and Mobile Courier services APP. We are NEW CONNECT, an Innovative and creative IT and BUSINESS CONSULTANCY FIRM. With many years of expertise in building various types of business and IT solutions for Companies in Nigeria.
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