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Hello everyone, today i’ll be discussing a new trend amongst celebrity, Instagram comedians and instagram retailers. While it is laudable that many people have embraced the idea of showcasing their talents on facebook and instagram, with many others who have had their big hits through the use of this channels, becoming overnight stars or having increased sales by showing off their wares or projects (like make-over done for a bride and her bridal train). It has become very difficult to educate them about the importance of certain things like owning a website.

I recently had a conversation with a prospective client who’s spa is quite close to our office complex, and the first thing she uttered was that her type of business doesn’t require any office at all, and she also went ahead to state categorically that she has been making god sales even without owning a website. While she might seem right, her words clearly points to the fact that she lacks a good understanding of what a website is all about.


Before i go ahead to explain why she is wrong for saying that her business doesn’t need a website today or tomorrow, first i will tell you that Beyonce, the world famous superstar musician, multiple grammy award winner and business woman has her own website, where she constantly updates her fans about her life, music releases and also a section for ticket sales to tours and exclusive events. Fans can also shop for clothes on the site and also have the opportunity of buying replica costumes used during tours on the site. At this stage you must be wondering why a superstar like Beyonce who has an enviable amount of social media following, will see the need of having and maintaining a website, when she can just post all she wants on social media and make money.
First of all, what is a website? We can simply call it your official office online, that never closes for the day or go on holiday, it helps to explain all that your business or brand is all about. People can book appointments, chat an agents, make secure payments etc with it. While your social media platforms/pages, can be seen as your marketing agents whose duty is to help publicize your business, and do a few other things.
Below i’ll explain as briefly as possible why you should own a website today.

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That page is really not yours

First you must understand that your social media page is really not yours, yes i mean it doesn’t belong to you. Did you pay any amount when opening it? No you did not, as you went about opening it free of charge. My second question will be, when updating your social media App, have you ever stopped to read their terms and conditions, before ticking the box ‘I AGREE’? Of course i’m sure you have never done that, because if you have, you will realize that you have very limited control over your data, and also whenever the social media company feels that you’ve violated any of their policies whether knowingly or unknowingly, they have every authority to take down your page without informing you.

And as such, they are empowered to ban you from the usage of their platform and also deactivate any account without stating any reason for doing so. In recent times many pages where taken down due to the scandal that came with the cambridge Analytical issues. Authorities in the United States have been on their neck, and so they have been forced to take drastic measures and one of those measures has been to take down many pages that they believe are not in line with whatever they have put in place. So if for example, your page is taken down, it then means that you have completely been thrown out of business, but if you have a website which is of course your main office online, you will still be able to continue doing your business, at least from google search results were you would still rank. As you then seek to rstrategies    on the way forward.

It makes your business/brand appear professional and standard
As an instagram or facebook sensation, it is more easy to have impersonators who can easily setup a duplicate account, download your pictures from your real page an upload, making it very easy for your potential clients and customers to be scammed. This has happened to so many people who ended up learning the hard way. But in a situation whereby you have your website it becomes easier to direct people to desist from making payments to you on social media but rather they can login to your site and make payments (that’s if you have integrated a payment API). You will also appear a lot more standardized and professional when you refer people to your website to see more of your products and portfolio. Big time companies will also be interested in working with you. As you don’t appear to them like a junky who simply opened a social media account an is cashing in on it.

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You can integrate so many features on your website

On your website, you have the power to modify and integrate as many features as you like. It’s all about what you believe suits your brand. Recently our Web Development Team, integrated an a secure API channel that allowed a freelance journalist to securely collect donations from people who find his reports and journalism helpful or educative. This would presently be difficult to do either on instagram or Facebook, as all they had to do was put in their card number, either Visa, Verve or Mastercard etc and the payment is made in a secure manner, protecting also the payment details from anyone with malicious intentions.

The above stated reasons and many more are why top celebrities or brands with good advisers, are always eager to setup a website of their own, as they know the value it will add to their brand and business.

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